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Enlightened Education is the Light Technology that we offer Humanity to co-create The New Earth: a human civilization based on the principles of Love-Truth. As you walk your Path to Liberation, we offer you to develop your Leadership Skills as you participate in our online programmes: Sacred Temple of The Heart Practitioner (Levels 1 & 2) and Master Divine Precipitation. If you want to take a step further and awaken your Mastery, we will guide you through 4 Energy Portals (inner gateways to Source) that will inspire you to reactivate your Divine Code to explore your soul magnificence and to establish your direct connection with God. Get ready to remember your divine purpose and to leave your legacy of light!
2 Month Program

Sacred Temple of the Heart Practitioner

Are you ready to Serve the Light?

We are honored to offer a high-vibrational training program to all those who are ready to step into their Service Roles and that require practical tools and guidance to get started.


Sacred Temple of the Heart Light Attunements

The Sacred Temple of the Heart Light Attunements are divine transmissions that will help you connect with your Inner Power, Love and Wisdom and integrate the Divine Frequencies that will prepare you to start or to up-level your Service: Awareness, Responsibility, Service, Evolution, Neutrality and Health.

Enlightened Education Portals

We invite you to align with your authentic origin, essence, purpose, destiny, and mission and to trust your highest vision. Are you ready to embrace your inner light and to see it reflected all around you?

You can recreate your life (precipitate a new reality) by accessing your Inner Guidance and acting on it.

As you go through these 4 Portals you will receive Divine Inspiration, let go of ancestral fear, restore your Original Consciousness (Harmony), and awaken the Light Technology that will inspire you to realize yourSelf.

Let go of your identification with your limited human personality and unleash your Full Potential. Spread your wings and fly to infinity! As your spirit soars, you will uplift all of Humanity!


Enlightened Education

Let's embark on an Inner Journey -that is not based on personal development, but on soul completion- to activate your Divine Potential and to precipitate your Highest Vision. No external circumstances can ever define you. Only your divine blueprint can determine your destiny. Enjoy your Initiation into soul empowerment, liberation and beyond!

The Child, the Master, & Inner God

We are navigating a planetary phase that invites us to heal to create a new reality. This window of opportunity offers us to reveal innovative as well as ancient ways of healing to find the combination of frequencies that will help us restore our Divine Health.
Sublime Samaná Hotel

Immersion Trips

Sublime Samaná Hotel

Immersion Trips

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Book A Private Session

Are you ready to embrace your soul purpose and to explore new potentials that will take your life to the next level of spiritual realization?

What participants are saying about us...

I want to express my sincere gratitude for your service to humanity and your devotion to the path of Love-Truth. Thank you for answering your Divine calling so that the rest of us can now too.
Portal 1 has given me a deeper understanding of the ascension process I am going through and ways to consciously work with it. 
The material is very well designed, clearly explained and you can work at your own pace. I am integrating the teachings and the results are amazing to say the least.
I am so grateful to have discovered this portal!
Akshila, United Kingdom

''Portal 1: Divine Connection'' course has been a life-changing experience. There is definitely a 'before' and an 'after' it, as through the teachings, frequencies and connections provided I recovered the highest aspects of myself. It led me to experience not only more self-empowerment, but also more inner peace, sovereignty, the re-activation of my soul's gifts and my powers of manifestation. I will always be immensely grateful for this reunion with my mastery.
Thank you Gaitana, Yantal and the Ascended Masters!" -  Schaylenne - Germany


Gaitana Yantal truly embody the Light frequencies and codes of inner mastery they transmit through their teachings. I have been experiencing upgrades in awakened consciousness and lightbody activation from the moment I began listening to and receiving their transmissions of Light. My higher heart instantly recognizes and aligns with the vibration of Love-Truth they are emanating. Though I have actively been on the path of ascension for many decades and worked with many teachers I have never experienced such an open and honest expression of the Love-Truth frequencies that Gaitana Yantal are sharing. For the first time in 20 + years I am again actively embracing the realization of my soul’s liberation and conscious participation in the co-creation of a New Earth. Patrick R. - USA.

Patrick Rocke

I have not been working with GaitanaYantal very long and yet I am feeling a deep shift in my consciousness that is transferring to my way of being and doing in my daily life. Their message is simple and seems to be a reprogramming of my conscious mind. In this reprogramming a deep level of commitment is anchored into my being that is really clear about my purpose and mission while I am here – simply stated BE LOVE and allow the ease of the universe to move through me and direct me. This can seem hard to do because there is an unlearning that has to happen and yet with their support and teachings it makes it easier and more effortless.  I would recommend exploring their work and take the opportunity to expand your consciousness and life. Katie S.- USA.

Katie Smith

I've been integrating all the downloads and activations received since my first session with Gaitana Yantal. I AM in a new phase of my journey; and bow in gratitude. They say the teacher/s appear when the student is ready, so true! The Divine Initiations and the Light Codes are a miracle in my life and answer to prayer. Marianna K. - USA.

Marianna Khun

Gaitana & Yantal’s teachings have led me to have a direct experience of who I AM. When I apply the Light Technology that they share I can easily access my inner Universe, where ego can’t limit my thoughts, words, or potential. I can connect with Higher Consciousness and let go of social conditioning, which helps me appreciate myself and all that surrounds me and to be grateful for my life challenges. As I clear all judgment, I acknowledge Love as the primordial energy that supports all creation. Every group session is an opportunity to shift my perspective and to understand the value of respect, worthiness, and joy to co-create ascended realities. Graciela S. - Argentina.


I met Gaitana & Yantal many years ago and, since then I have been receiving light codes, enlightened wisdom, soul medicine and divine tools that have helped me live with purpose. I have expanded my consciousness enough to trust the unknown and to have the courage to illuminate all my inner aspects. I have learnt more about the power of love and universal wisdom; I am grateful for feeling supported and guided during my Ascension Journey. Ixeken - Argentina.


I cannot recommend Gaitana and Yantal enough. The wisdom that flows through them in every encounter I have had with them is exquisite. I feel they are talking to my Soul with such precision, and yet I know each person listening must feel the same. Their teachings are timeless and profound. Each time I listen to a transmission I find new layers of meaning. The codes and activations they share are so powerful and I am truly grateful to have found such authentic and inspiring guides in this lifetime. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Fiona S. - Fiji.



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