Enlightened Education
Spiritual Leadership, Mastery & Mentorship

Enlightened Education

We celebrate Universal Spirituality, the reunion of the Christ-Buddha Paths within. Our mission is to serve all the seekers and chelas who are willing to progress on their journey back Home and are ready to focus on Enlightenment and Ascension. Connect with the Ascended Masters, East and West, and get ready to resurrect your passion for the Light as you joyfully welcome Divine Prosperity and get ready to benefit all sentient beings.

Enlightened Education is the Light Technology that we offer Humanity to co-create The New Earth: a divine civilization based on the principles of Love-Truth. We invite you to explore our Leadership, Mastery & Mentorship Curriculums to discover your divine magnificence and establish a direct connection with Source. Reveal your authentic purpose-mission, return to the I AM Presence, and leave your Legacy of Light. Embrace the Aquarian Quickening and celebrate the Victory of Love!



Upcoming Events, Courses & Retreats

Discover BR

Discover Body Reprogramming
Activate your Divine Blueprint

Saturday, June 1
Time: 12 pm to 1 pm (AST – Dominican Republic)
Modality: Zoom
We invite you to upgrade your physical-energy Temple!
2024 June Solstice Retreat
Ascension Retreat

Make Everything Divine

June 19-23, 2024 (5 online sessions – 10 hours)
11 am – 1 pm (AST – Dominican Republic)
We invite you to enter the Realm of the Violet Ray to discover the Keys of Divine Alchemy that can accelerate your Liberation!

Celebrate the Victory of Love

LIVE PROGRAM (8 video sessions + quantum tools and energy activations)

Ready to upgrade your relationships? ”Love or nothing” is the name of the game!

”You are the Source of your Destiny”

Leadership Development Sessions

Explore our Light Technology and develop your leadership skills as you embark on an inner journey to The Sacred Temple of your Heart! Heal your Inner Child, trust your Inner Master, and align with your Inner God-Goddess as you open the inner portals that will help you tune into Divine Health and Abundance.
Gaitana Yantal - Enlightened Education
Enlightened Education Gatherings

In-person Retreat - July 2024

Start date: Saturday, July 6 (at 7 pm)
End date: Saturday, July 13 (at 11 am)
Duration: 8 days; 7 nights

Leadership and Mastery Curriculums

Leadership Path

Leadership Curriculum

Do you feel called to become a Life Mentor and reveal your Service Offering? You can follow our Leadership Path. It will encourage you to balance your lower bodies, awaken your heart technology, remember your origin-essence-purpose, and discover your soul medicine. Before you become a great leader, you need to learn how to follow the golden steps! A Life Mentor will walk you through the different initiations as you create the right conditions to thrive! You can make a difference!

* Life Mentoring Sessions

* Align with your Divine Purpose
* Awaken your Inner Healer
* Master Divine Precipitation

* Sacred Temple of the Heart Practitioner
* Equinox and Solstice Online Retreats

* eBook: The Child, The Master, and the Inner God
* eBook: Sacred Temple of the Heart Light Attunements – Initiations to deepen your connection to the Divine
* eBook: Sacred Temple of the Heart Light Attunements 2 – Find everything within

* Music Album: Mystical Path


Mastery Path

Mastery Curriculum

Do you feel called to become a Soul Mentor and support Human-Planetary Enlightenment? We invite you to reveal your destiny and mission to find permanent fulfillment. As you explore our Mastery Curriculum you will receive Divine Inspiration, let go of ancestral fear, restore your Christ-Buddha Consciousness, and awaken the Light Technology that will inspire you to realize your True Self. Ascension is your ultimate spiritual goal! Get ready to unleash your Divine Potential. Spread your wings and fly to infinity! As your spirit soars, you will uplift all of Humanity! 

* Soul Mentoring Sessions

* Embody your Christ Consciousness
* Celebrate the Victory of Love
* Portal 1: Divine Connection
* Portal 2: Divine Renovation
* Portal 3: Divine Liberation
* Portal 4: Divine Realization
* Equinox and Solstice Online Retreats

* eBook: Truth Above All Else – Trust and surrender to create in the Light
* eBook: Enlightened Education – A Path to precipitate your divine vision
* eBook: Become a Divine Creator – Birth an Enlightened Civilization

* Music Album: Call from the Temples of Prosperity


Album: Mystical Path

Album: Call from The Temples of Prosperity


Portals to tune into Divine Health

eBook: The Child, the Master, and the Inner God

Deepen your divine connection

eBook: Sacred Temple of the Heart Light Attunements

find everything within

eBook: Sacred Temple of the Heart Light Attunements 2

trust and surrender to create in the light

eBook: Truth Above All Else (our Code of Honor)

a path to precipitate your divine vision

eBook: Enlightened Education

Birth an enlightened civilization

eBook: Become a Divine Creator

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