Discover the Power of Love-Truth through Body Reprogramming

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Welcome to our Online Retreat ”Discover the Power of Love-Truth”! This event is part of an in-person retreat that offered in early November (2023) in our
Inner Temple (Samaná, Dominican Republic). As we cultivated the highest Light Frequencies here, we were eager to be extending them to all of our Community so that you all receive the blessings that we radiated from the heart-center of this forcefield.

We shared the essentials of our latest Technology to ascend your body and consciousness! Body Reprogramming will give you access to advanced tools and practices so that you can reconcile with your Body Elemental and upgrade your physical-energy temple. You will receive a Body Reprogramming Master Key to remember how to out-picture divine perfection in your body again. This is God’s Will for you!

Reprogram (reconcile with) your 7 Bodies: your I AM Presence, your Causal Body, your Christ Self, your Etheric Body, Mental Body, Emotional Body, and Physical Body to create a strong foundation that allows for infinite expansion.

We opened the Transformation Portal so that the collective consciousness can reconnect with Divine Health and receive the proper attunements through our Light Code Technology. Align with your highest purpose, optimize your resources, and activate more life force energy to enrich your self-care practices!

Ready to be replenished by the Universal Source of Well-Being?



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