Love All, Serve All

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March 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 (2024) – 11 am to 1 pm (Dominican Republic) Time Converter
These 5 video sessions will be recorded in case you cannot attend live

Welcome to our 2024 March Equinox Retreat!

We invite you to deepen your connection with the 6th Ray Masters as you walk into the Temple of Service. This event is a continuation of our previous Solstice Retreat: ”Co-Create with the Universal Spirit”. We suggest that you go through those activations before receiving these Initiations. Let’s align with the frequencies of the Holy Week and invoke The Resurrection Flame to revive your Divine Spirit and Service!

We will open the Portal to Source and activate 3 Light Codes to connect with Divine Beauty and allow the Universal Spirit to show you the way to liberation. Reconnect with the value of Divine Perfection, surrender to the creative flow, and accept Divine Intervention to restore individual-collective harmony. Also, discover a way to balance your Service Offering and to enrich your creations! Remember how to make divine investments to make the right use of life force energy and discover how you can promote your products/service without compromising your values.

As you reconnect with the Codes of Divine Service, you will re-awaken the 12 Divine Archetypes that will allow you to upgrade your life, relationships and service offering. Discover the power of…

The Alchemist
The Giver of Life
The Initiator
The Universal Mother
The Shapeshifter
The Protector
The Overcomer
The Healer-Shaman
The Teacher-Oracle
The Priestess
The Goddess
The Creatrix

We will connect with the Temple of Illumination, the etheric retreat of God and Goddess Meru, located over the Island of the Sun and Lake Titicaca, to connect with the Solar Beings Helios and Vesta and receive a transmission from the focus of the feminine ray (the Mother aspect) of the Godhead to support the Illumination of Mankind and the activity of the expansion of Spirit in Matter.

We will keep the balance between the feminine-masculine principles by also connecting with the Retreat of the Blue Lotus, the focus of Lord Himalaya in the Himalayan Mountains in Tibet. Here, the masculine ray of the Godhead enters the earth, and the main activity is to go within and develop concentration. It is as invitation to all those chelas who are disciplined in the Law.

Finally, as you explore the Teachings offered by Lady Nada in The Temple of Service, you will discover endless gifts, Soul Medicine, and the unfoldment of the petals of your heart chakra. Reconnect with the Magdalene Order, which invites both men and women to Serve the Light, and welcome an infusion of peace, generosity, and unity as you get ready to Love All, Serve All!

We invite you to…

* Learn about the Alchemy of Service
* Receive advanced initiations in The Temple of Service
* Embrace the challenges and opportunities of The Age of Aquarius
* Re-awaken 12 Divine Archetypes to become a conscious Creator-Creatrix
* Find your Soul Mentor in your heart as you tune into your major and minor rays
* Visit God-Goddess Meru’s & Lord Himalaya’s Etheric Retreat to balance your inner masculine-feminine energies

Be your brother’s keeper!
Gaitana Yantal.

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Course Content

Love All, Serve All Sessions

  • Opening Ceremony: Discover The Alchemy of Service
  • Open the Portal to Source
  • Re-awaken 12 Divine Archetypes
  • Find your Soul Mentor/ Guru
  • Closing Ceremony: Be your Brother’s Keeper

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