Portal 3: Divine Liberation

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About Course

Do you feel inspired to reveal your authentic origin, essence, purpose and destiny and to explore the blessings that are available in your liberation cycle? We invite you to embrace your Prosperity Consciousness. Let go of unnecessary consumption habits and cultivate life force energy. Remember how to encode your energy field, neutralize internal-external interference, purify your lower bodies, open your heart, and surrender to your creative flow!

We will activate 33 Light Codes and 6 Divine Truths that will prepare you physically and energetically to claim your highest timeline reality and to align with the abundance and the creative potential of the Enlightened Age. Allow The Voice of Greatness to guide you as you Serve individual and collective evolution!

Take ”healing” to the next level! 

The Mighty Elohim, the Divine Architects of physical reality, will allow you to turn impossibility into miraculous breakthroughs. Wherever there is separation, they will fill it with Love and Unity. Embody The Codes of a Christ Healer: spiritual discipline, true devotion, and divine grace.

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Course Content

Portal 3 Sessions

  • Awaken your Master Codes
  • Free your Spirit
  • Explore Divine Service
  • Choose Freedom
  • Find Inner Peace
  • Be open to receive All
  • Invoke your 8 Mentors
  • Co-create with the Elohim
  • Activate The Crown of the Elohim
  • Remember the Truth
  • Awaken your Light Body
  • Enter The Light Chamber
  • Bonus Session: The Value of an Open Heart
  • Bonus Session: The Value of Generosity
  • Bonus Session: The Value of Transcendence
  • Bonus Session: The Value of Reconversion

Supplementary Material

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