Portal 4: Divine Realization

Portal 4: Divine Realization

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About Course

This is your Graduation Portal! By the end of this training, as you integrate the frequency of the 7 Rays, and you are initiated on The Path of the Ruby Ray, you will receive your Seal of Love-Truth to celebrate your expansion and commitment to the Light!

You will receive quantum tools to clear deep subconscious programming, surrender to emptiness, and cultivate enough energy to (eventually) cross the abyss that leads to God-Realization. When you completely let go of your ”clan energy”, you can step into sacred co-creation. You will naturally let go of limiting (individualistic) dynamics that create separation and surrender to the Cosmic Plan.

As you raise your vibration you will be able to align with your soul’s mission and make life-changing decisions without having to interact with the physical plane of existence. Remember how to conduct Divine Light onto the material realm to consume fewer resources and to become a Master of Love-Truth.

Find the Source of Life within!

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Course Content

Supplementary Material

  • Ascension Prayer (PDF)
  • Portal to the Kingdom (PDF)
  • Crystalline Spine Affirmations (PDF)
  • 9 Ascension Keys (PDF)
  • Prosperity Mantras and Affirmations (PDF)
  • Portal 11: The Gate of Unity (PDF)
  • Portal 12: The Gate of Grace (PDF)
  • Portal 11 & Portal 12 Affirmations (PDF)
  • The Ruby Ray Invocation (PDF)
  • The Path of the Ruby Ray (PDF)
  • Follow The Path of the Ruby Ray (PDF)
  • The Lord’s Ritual of Exorcism (PDF)
  • The Golden Mantra (PDF)
  • The 5 Dhyani Buddhas (PDF)
  • The Seal of Love-Truth (PDF)
  • Portal 4 – Ascension Ceremony (PDF)