Unify with God

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In this Solstice Retreat, we will activate The Seal of Elevation to make it easier for you to accept your divine configuration and to remember that, since you have been conceived in the image and likeness of God, you can enjoy the same virtues and rights as your Creator – here on Earth. This Initiation will help you transcend the Matrix of ”The Denier” to give birth to the Inner God/Goddess, who will activate your physical-energetic mastery to free you from the ‘poverty matrix’ that is limiting your human experience.

Also, we invite you to awaken your Light Body to accelerate the activation of your Ascension Technology. Ready to neutralize your ‘’victim body’’ and be free to transcend your seeming limitations? To activate the multidimensional potential of your physical-energy body, we will cultivate 4 essential virtues: PurityVitalityVigor and Flexibility.

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Course Content

”Unify with God” Sessions

  • Session # 1: Activate The Seal of Elevation
  • Session # 2: Awaken your Light Body
  • Training Video: Awaken your Inner Healer

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