Co-Create with the Universal Spirit – Ascension Retreat

Co-Create with the Universal Spirit – Ascension Retreat

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Co-Create with the Universal Spirit – Ascension Retreat

LIVE EVENT – December 13, 14, 15, 16 & 17 (11 am to 1 pm – Dominican Republic)
*All sessions will be recorded in case you cannot attend live*

Welcome to our December Solstice Retreat!

We invite you to get ready to co-create with the Universal Spirit as you receive the protection and blessings of the Archangels of the 7 Rays. Together with the Ascended Masters and the Elohim, they will inspire you to fulfill your prophecy through Selfless Service.

We will open the Portal to the Absolute and activate 3 Light Codes to receive Lady Nada and Lord Sananda’s guidance as we collectively walk through this Initiation inside The Temple of Service. Reconnect with the value of Divine Ministration, see the Christ in everyOne, and use your creative gifts to express your devotion to God!

We will also connect with the Temple of Illumination, the etheric retreat of God and Goddess Meru, located over the Island of the Sun and Lake Titicaca, to connect with the Solar Beings Helios and Vesta and receive a transmission from the focus of the feminine ray (the Mother aspect) of the Godhead to support the Illumination of Mankind and the activity of the expansion of Spirit in Matter. 


We will share our 2024 Vision and inspire you to reveal yours so that you align with the opportunities of the coming year. You will learn how to make a vibrational connection with your Future Self and receive the Keys of Precipitation that you require to realize, accelerate and multiply! 

Also, you will be writing your Personal Petition to the Karmic Board (Great Divine Director, Goddess of Liberty, Ascended Lady Master Nada, Elohim Cyclopea, Pallas Athena, Lady Portia, Kuan Yin, and Vairochana) to master your karmic cycles, request grants of energy, dispensations and sponsorship for constructive endeavors. You will feel the effect of the Ascended Master’s Grace multiply over the following 6 months! 

As we close 2023, it is desirable to de-clutter, express our gratitude for the experiences we created in the previous cycle, and consecrate our life force energy to manifest our soul’s purpose.

Ready to fulfill the prophecy for which you were born?

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