eBook: Enlightened Education, Enlightened Education - Gaitana Yantal

Enlightened Education
A Path to Precipitate your Divine Vision

After a long journey of inner awakenings and initiations, we have revealed our Life Mission and we are ready to share the blessings of
Enlightened Education with the sincere spiritual seekers who are longing to align with the core values and virtues of the Enlightened Age and to embrace their Divine Potential. This Inner Path is not based on ‘’personal’’ development, but on soul completion and transcendence. Are you ready to embrace your Inner Leader & Master and to focus on divine solutions? No external circumstances can ever define you. Only your divine blueprint can determine your destiny. Enjoy your Initiation into soul empowerment, liberation and beyond!

* Introduction.
* Walk the Path of the Ascended Masters.
* Discover Enlightened Education.
* Be an Aquarian Leader.
* Rise in Love.
* Let the Light in!
* Master The Divine Way.
* Co-create with Divinity.
* Move into new circles of consciousness.
* Uncover what lies beyond the mirror.
* Love on the edge of consciousness.
* Receive your Ascension Keys.
* Become a Divine Server.
* Meditate with purpose.
* Love All, Serve All.
* Final Words.

Read the first chapters HERE.

Ebook Details

Format: eBook (PDF)

Print Length: 83 pages

Authors: Gaitana & Yantal

Publication Date: October 25, 2022

Contribution: USD 12

Buy now USD 12
It is time to precipitate your Divine Vision!

eBook: Enlightened Education, Enlightened Education - Gaitana Yantal


eBook: Enlightened Education, Enlightened Education - Gaitana Yantal

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