Sacred Temple of the Heart Light Attunements 2:

Find Everything Within


You have already accessed the 6 Initial Chambers of the Sacred Temple! We now invite you to go through more Advanced Initiations to unlock the potential that resides within and to find the inner keys to prosperity so that every aspect of creation is aligned with the Divine Plan.

These Initiations will reactivate seven heart frequencies that are essential to free yourself from ancestral indoctrination and to feel worthy of stepping into your Sacred Destiny. Authenticity, Gratitude, Trust, Presence, Wisdom, Freedom, and Devotional Love will show you the way back Home. Welcome to your Inner Temple of Transformation!

* Introduction.
* Find Everything Within.
* Choose One Path.
* Enter The Chamber of Divine Authenticity.
* Enter The Chamber of Divine Gratitude.
* Enter The Chamber of Divine Trust.
* Enter The Chamber of Divine Presence.
* Enter The Chamber of Divine Wisdom.
* Enter The Chamber of Divine Freedom.
* Enter The Chamber of Devotional Love.
* Step into New Service Roles.
* Final Words.

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Publication Date: January 4, 2023

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Welcome to The Higher Chambers of your Heart!

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