The Child, The Master, & The Inner God
Portals to tune into Divine Health

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We are navigating a planetary phase that invites us to heal to create a new reality. This window of opportunity offers us to reveal innovative as well as ancient ways of healing to find the combination of frequencies that will help us restore our Divine Health. To heal means to complete. It does not refer to a disease or a symptom that must be fixed, but to our ability to remember who we are in order to embody our original design. Truth is the highest form of healing. When we remember our divine origin, we know that we have been created in the image and likeness of a Source of Infinite Perfection with which we are always connected and with which we can tune in daily to revitalize ourselves. Your Medicine is within. Are you ready to discover it?


* Introduction.
* Align with the Medicine of this Age.
* Embrace the Divine Health Prayer.
* Recognize your Source of Life.
* Reconcile with your Inner Child.
* Invoke your Power Animal.
* Connect with the Spirit of Herbs.
* Trust your Master.
* Unify with God.
* Awaken your Light Body.
* Enter the Celestial Mansion.
* Receive support from your Star Family.
* Enjoy Aquarian Prosperity.
* Final Words.

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Ebook Details:

Format: eBook (PDF)

Print Length: 69

Authors: Gaitana & Yantal

Publication Date: November, 2022

Contribution: USD 9  

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Buy Now - USD 9 


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