Equinox Retreat March 2023
-Trust your Master-


3-hour transmission (recorded video)

This Virtual Retreat has been dedicated to heal (activate the full template of) our Inner Master. As you watch this transmission, you will be inspired to smash the Mirror of the Matrix so that you can clear your perception (stop trusting your conditioned senses as a way to interpret reality), free yourself from mental projections, and perceive all the delusion-based appearances so that you can clear your mental-emotional imprints and return to Primordial Awareness.

We shared guided meditations, energy activations and the transmissions that we have received from the Ascended Masters so that you can claim your divine gifts and embody (more of) your Christ Light. As we opened the Gates to Love Truth, we called in and re-awakened:

* The Love that accomplishes All
* Divine Opulence
* The power to materialize Heaven on Earth
* The Righteous Path
* The Path of Immortality


In our previous retreat (December 2022), we explored the potential of the Inner Child as we activated the Transmutation Seal, to turn ancestral wounds into spiritual virtues. To access the replay session, click here.

In this Equinox Retreat, we activated The Seal of Integration and invoked the Christ Beings and the Buddhas to accelerate your journey. We shared 2 powerful Mantras to encourage you to transcend the Matrix of ”The Disqualifier” and to trust your Inner Child and Master as gateways to God.

Remember the Sacred Practices that will help you reconcile with your Inner Master and embrace your soul wisdom!


Get ready to:

* upgrade your Ascension Technology.

* free yourself from the ‘’debt mindset’’.

* taste the Medicine of your Inner Master.

* find joy in being accountable for your life choices.

* awaken the creative potential of your Inner Master.

* claim your right to move forward as you let go of ancestral attachments.

* understand that Divine Healing is not logical – it follows a ”quantum sequence”.

* welcome new relationships and say ‘farewell’ to those that are no longer aligned.

* and much, much more! 


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These transmissions were based on the teachings that we have included in our Ebook: The Child, The Master and the Inner God: Portals to tune into Divine Health. (available in our website – click here)


Welcome to this liberating experience!

, Retiro Espiritual de Solsticio 2022 – Activá tu Prosperidad Divina

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