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Equinox Retreat March 2023 -Trust your Master-

Equinox Retreat March 2023 -Trust your Master- . We will dedicate this Virtual Retreat to heal (activate the full template of) our Inner Master. It will inspire you to smash the Mirror of the Matrix so that you can clear your perception (stop trusting your conditioned senses as a way to interpret reality), free yourself […]

Divine Revelations 2023 ”Choose Real Love” – Free –


Divine Revelations 2023 ''Choose Real Love''   Zoom Access Link: We invite you to connect with True Love to create a fulfilling life! Every Sunday we will open our Virtual Temple to share Weekly Ascended Transmissions and guided meditations that will catalyze Authentic Liberation. As you advance in your path to freedom, you will see […]

Mastery Empowerment Course: Master Divine Precipitation


ACCESS FULL VIDEO HERE The Ascended Masters have shared with us that everything is becoming Real (as above, so below; as within, so without) and that we can only externalize what we have truly cultivated within. We have created this online course to facilitate your reunion with The Divine Mother as you reconcile with Matter, […]

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