12 Guided Meditations
”Awaken the Power of your Light”

Recorded Sessions (12 transmissions)

We invite you to awaken the Power of your Inner Light!

We offer you 12 Guided Meditations to facilitate your liberation. These Energy Activations will align you with Love-Truth and will inspire you to cultivate one of the spiritual virtues that will strengthen your Spirit and will remind you how to create with purpose, respecting the Divine Will: harmony, integrity, audacity, discernment, acceptance, patience, compassion, self-support, collaboration, realization, acceleration, multiplication.

Explore the value of Divine Alchemy as a gateway to Conscious Creation!

Amplify your Light and discover all that you can create when you acknowledge the Power, the Wisdom and the Love that lie within. Get ready to accept more of your Divine aspects and to reconcile with the Guidance provided by your Higher Self.

Enjoy mantras, moments of silence and introspection, and brief transmissions of Universal Wisdom. All the meditations have been guided both in English and in Spanish to gather our Community in the same transformative space.

Awaken the Power of your Light!

Meditation # 1
: Restore Inner Harmony.
Meditation # 2: Integrate the Light.
Meditation # 3: A Call to Liberation.
Meditation # 4: Choose the Light.
Meditation # 5: Honor The Divine Will.
Meditation # 6: Respect Divine Timing.
Meditation # 7: Recognize Real Love.
Meditation # 8: Strengthen your Pillar of Light.
Meditation # 9: Co-create your Expansion.
Meditation # 10: Connect Energy and Matter.
Meditation # 11: Surrender to the Collective Plan.
Meditation # 12: Bring Heaven to Earth.

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Welcome to Enlightened Education!

Firma Gaitana Yantal 


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