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”Become a Divine Creator”



Enlightened Education is a template of ”Inner Education” (self-revelation of the Divine Truth) for the Aquarian Age, which was gifted to us by The Ascended Masters. It guides you to the door of a new consciousness; it is up to you to open it and dare to make a difference!

Ready for self-realization?

We are honored to share with you the First Light Code Activation (LCA) that will get you started on your Path of Liberation! As you listen to the audio, witness your inner shifts and enjoy your practice. Accept anything that your True Self is choosing to create & experience since it is exactly what you require to evolve. You may feel the need to clear thoughts, emotions, or physical symptoms and/or awaken new soul gifts and inner potential. Surrender to the flow of life and trust the unfolding!

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Welcome to Enlightened Education!








Become a Divine Creator

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