Recorded Guided Meditations (9 audios)

Welcome to this Novena (Alchemical Healing Practice)!

For 9 consecutive days we invite you to access Higher Consciousness and to focus on your higher vision to ignite your Inner Light. We offer you 9 free audios so that you have access to guided meditations that will encourage you to use your free will to support your transformation.

Each day you will be invited to focus on a specific VIRTUE that will illuminate all your bodies to facilitate your evolution. We intend that these energy activations help you remove obstacles, transcend ancestral limits, and awaken your divine potential so that you can create a life filled with Health & Abundance


Day 1
: Accept
Day 2: Purify
Day 3: Unlock
Day 4: Forgive
Day 5: Renew
Day 6: Cultivate
Day 7: Ally
Day 8: Elevate
Day 9: Crystallize

Day 1: Accept

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Infinite love and blessings,

Firma Gaitana YantaL