Spiritual Practitioner

Sacred Temple oh the Heart Practitioner

Enlightened Education with Gaitana Yantal

We are honored to offer a high-vibrational training program to all those who are ready to step into their Service Roles and that require practical tools and guidance to get started. We share transmissions from the Ascended Masters that constitute The Holy Family (Mother MaryJesus and Mary Magdalene) to help you upgrade your relationships, become visible and available to co-create prosperous realities and attain Heart Mastery.

As a Sacred Temple of the Heart Practitioner (Level 1), you will receive all the resources that you need to help friends, family, and community to connect with their Inner Power, Love and Wisdom and to guide them in a journey of self-healing and self-awakening. As you access the Sacred Temple of your Heart, you will be able to create in the Higher Planes and to upgrade the template of human family (co-dependency) into Divine Family (sovereignty).


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