$18.00 – music by Schaylenne

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Album: Mystical Path

”All is One”


Gift: Awaken your Gift of Creative Expression”


“He who has ears to hear, let him hear”…

We have created this album to offer you high-vibrational music that you can use to meditate, to enrich your healing sessions, to attune to your Optimal Precipitation Frequency, and to receive transmissions from Heaven and Earth to manifest your soul desires.

The mystical way is the one that allows you to reveal the Universal Mysteries as you contemplate and celebrate your own nature and surrender to the Divine Will. We invite you to connect with your Heart Portal to become One with All!

As you listen to these musical activations you will feel a deeper connection with your inner guidance and you will feel inspired to access the Higher Realms. Awaken your Divine Potential and remember that You are One.

Enjoy all these musical creations (duration: 2 hours)

1. Remember your Divine Essence 
2. Receive a Cosmic Attunement
3. Awaken your Gift of Alchemical Healing
4. Awaken your Gift of Prophecy
5. Awaken your Gift of Creative Expression
6. Awaken your Gift of Method
7. Awaken your Gift of Instantaneity
8. Awaken your Gift of Prosperity
9. Become a Living Temple of Light
10. Receive The Divine Mother’s Blessing
11. Realize that Heaven and Earth are One
12. Be grateful to God
13. Live in Grace

Music Artist: Schaylenne

Enjoy all these musical creations as you awaken your Inner Light!



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