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Album: Call from The Temples of Prosperity

”Return to the I AM”
Spiritual Music –  Schaylenne


Gift: ”The Temple of Divine Will


“To know, to dare, to do, and to be silent”…

The motto of The Great White Brotherhood will surely inspire you to step into Divine Service to support Human-Planetary Enlightenment and Ascension. We have created this album to offer you a direct connection with the Ascended Master Sacred Temples to get ready to go through the Initiations of the 7 Main Rays and the 5 Secret Rays.

As you listen to these musical activations you will feel a deeper connection with the Ascended Masters, the Elohim, and the Archangels that serve the 12 Rays of Creation. Align with their frequencies to receive the Teachings and Transmissions that can accelerate your Ascension Journey and train you to become a Divine/Christ Server.

The Temple of The Holy Spirit integrates all the previous frequencies and will encourage you to discover your own Christ Identity!

Enjoy all these musical creations as you return Home, to the heart of the I AM THAT I AM!

Enjoy all these musical creations (duration: 2 hours)

1. The Temple of Divine Will 
2. The Temple of Wisdom
3. The Temple of Love
4. The Temple of Ascension
5. The Temple of Consecration
6. The Temple of Service
7. The Temple of Alchemy
8. The Temple of Receptivity
9. The Temple of Multiplication
10. The Temple of Reconversion
11. The Temple of Joy
12. The Temple of Victory
13. The Temple of The Holy Spirit

Music Artist: Schaylenne


Infinite love and blessings,


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