12-D Reset
-Surrender to the Divine Will-

PRIVATE SESSION / ACTIVATION (1 hour) – Complementary to all of our Leadership Training Courses
This activation will impact your individual-family-community circles of consciousness

Are you ready to activate your EarthGate and StarGate Technology and receive all the power that is given onto you in Heaven and on Earth?
Reveal (more of) your true origin, essence, purpose, destiny, and mission and celebrate your Path to Greatness!

During this 1-hour live activation you will be able to access high-vibe frequencies to re-awaken more of your Light Codes and to harmonize your physical-mental-emotional-spiritual bodies. As you co-create with your Higher Self, you get ready to manifest your soul’s desires!

Serapis Bey, Master Hilarion and Mother Mary will inspire you to release old soul imprints and reclaim your original blueprint so that you can activate the Divine Potential that will make you thrive!


You will receive a Light Language Activation to clear all the records and memories that prevent you from embodying your Prosperity Consciousness. As you purify your Pillar of Light and spinal cord you will feel inspired to dissolve all protection mechanisms and to activate your ‘’Present-Moment Awareness’’.

Resurrect your Divine Blueprint!

Dare to let go of all layers of conditioning! Release personal, ancestral, planetary, and genetic records across all space, time, and realities. Free your soul and reveal the Universal Mysteries as you sync up with nature and align with Love-Truth. Gather the sparks, shine as a Universal Soul, and allow God to multiply your blessings.

***It includes a brief Light-Language Transmission to activate your Galactic-Shamanic DNA! (MP3 audio)***

Modality: Zoom (virtual platform)

Receive a ”12-D Reset” - USD 222

Infinite love and blessings,

Firma Gaitana YantaL


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