15-day Immersion Trip

15-day Immersion Trip

We invite you to join our Immersion Trip to actualize your physical-energy body and to step out of the linear path of transformation to quantum jump onto your highest timeline reality!

When you change your vibration you can naturally shift your reality.

Are you ready to let go of excessive consumption and to cultivate life force energy?

You don’t need to be exhausted and to re-create habits that drain your energy. Your Divine Consciousness will activate your Light Body and will erase all traces of deterioration and entropy (gradual decline into disorder and disease) so that you become the Source of Unlimited Vitality!

We will share quantum tools and practices that will facilitate your expansion in all areas of your life as long as you are in alignment with the Divine Plan. As you encode your energy field, you will be able to neutralize internal-external interference, to purify your lower bodies, to open your heart, to trust your inner guidance and to restore your Creator-Creatrix Consciousness. Remember how to surrender to your creative flow!

Are you willing to reset your consciousness to be free of negativity and limitations?

You are both capable of blocking and of unlocking your reality. Your Creator Consciousness will allow you to raise your vibration to fulfill your soul’s purpose without necessarily having to excessively interact with the physical plane of existence. As you remember how to conduct Light Energy onto the material realm, you will consume fewer resources and you will become a Master of Precipitation.

As you move closer to God you will become aware of the purpose and the dynamic of your intentions, that is you will understand how you create your reality and the reason why you are doing so. Instead of identifying with your conditioned mind, you will become unlimited! You will love your reality because you will know that you are the Source of all your experiences and you will not feel threatened or surprised by your challenges, opportunities and life lessons. You will perceive perfection because you will be conscious of your daily choices and of its consequences. You will reveal the cause of your effects!

We will restore the Divine Blueprint in our individual-collective consciousness so that more Beings can embrace their 3 Ps: Purity (Codes of Integrity), Perfection (Codes of Harmony) and Plenitude (Codes of Divine Health & Abundance).

We invite you to

Trust Divine Providence.

Let go of unconscious fear and insecurities.

Turn self-love (self-esteem) into Divine Love.

Transcend the paradigm of lack and procrastination.

Let go of effort as a requirement to fulfill your divine purpose.

Play with linear time and embrace your quantum transformation.

Stop comparing yourself to others and find your own Ascension Path.

Create your reality without being affected by collective circumstances.

Feel complete and worthy of experiencing Divine Health and Abundance.

Conduct universal energy to the physical plane to optimize the use of your resources.

Appreciate (stop questioning) your true origin / essence / purpose / destiny / mission.

Remember how to create and uncreate your reality without judging your (past) choices.

Attune your physical-energy body (and your whole reality) to your highest state of consciousness.

And much, much more!

This intensive programme takes place at Sublime Samaná Hotel – www.sublimesamana.com

One day at Sublime Samaná Hotel includes:

Live Energy transmissions.
Time to embody high light frequencies.
High-Vibe Community sharing and support.
Spare time on the beach and in natural surroundings.
Energy activations and tune-ups that help you embrace your authentic life path.
Highly-transformational guidance that you can apply to accelerate individual & collective evolution.
Body Reprogramming exercises that will help you release tensions and increase your life force energy.

Next Event
September 2022.

Start date: Saturday, September 10th at 4 pm.
End date: Saturday, September 24th at 1 pm.
Duration: 15 days; 14 nights.

: Sublime Samaná Hotel, Dominican Republic.

Value of the intensive programme
(it does NOT include accommodation, meals or airfare):

Adults & teens (+13): USD 1700.

Reserve your space by just paying USD 400.

15-day Immersion Trip

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***IMPORTANT NOTICE! Make your hotel reservation and book your flight before signing up for this live event. GaitanaYantal are only responsible for delivering the Programmes and do not provide travel services. Residence at the Sublime Samaná Hotel is a mandatory requirement only for the duration of the programme. ***

Recommended Transfer: Julián Suriel +1 (809) 357-1814

We are opening the doors of our Home in Samaná, Dominican Republic, so that we can spend some quality time together and so that we can co-create an unforgettable spiritual experience!

Infinite love and blessings,


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