Align with your Divine Purpose
”Follow The Way of the Heart”


7 AUDIO ATTUNEMENTS (1 hour and 22 minutes)

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Welcome to Enlightened Education! This is the Light Technology that we share with Humanity to simplify our way back to Source. We have received these teachings and downloads form the Ascended Masters and are honored to make them available to you.

Our Service supports all those who are ready to develop their leadership and mastery skills and are willing to prosper and thrive! To make progress on your Path of Enlightenment, you need to embrace your Soul Light and let go of your conditioned behavior. As you receive multiple divine energy downloads, you will gradually remember who you are and align with your Divine Purpose. The veils of denial and forgetfulness will be removed, and you will gain clarity. You will awaken to Love-Truth!

These 7 Attunements will inspire you to co-create a new relationship with yourself, with Source, with the Earth, and with others. As you release ancestral imprints, you will be able to create a new foundation and allow yourself to re-create your life with enthusiasm! A new order is wanting to emerge: your field/space, your routine, your priorities, and your intentions are ready to evolve.

Ready to raise your point of resonance and attract loving experiences and relationships?

Most relationships are transactional, that is, they are based on manipulation, co-dependency, and lack. We bond with others because we have been programmed to believe that we are not good enough, and that we need (to obtain) what others have. How would your life change if you opened your heart to relationships that are purpose-oriented, and not based on negotiation and compromise?

We invite you to find your true north, true balance, true support, true place, true strength, true discernment, and true essence. Enjoy these divine attunements and trust the transforming power of Light!


These Teachings include:

* Attunement # 1: Divine Alignment – Find your True North (13:41)
* Attunement # 2: Divine Union – Find True Balance (13:35)
* Attunement # 3: Divine Alliance – Find True Support (10:22)
* Attunement # 4: Divine Role – Find your True Place (10:22)
* Attunement # 5: Divine Empowerment – Find True Strength (9:19)
* Attunement # 6: Divine Surrender – Find True Discernment (10:19)
* Attunement # 7: Divine Blueprint – Find your True Essence (14:10)

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* Mantra to balance the inner feminine and masculine principles (PDF)
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Welcome to Enlightened Education!