Gaitana Yantal – Enlightened Education
”Love-Truth is the doorway to Divine Creation”


Gaitana’s Journey

I started my human-divine journey exploring my passion for education. I felt that I could catalyze massive transformation if I understood the keys to our development as a species. I went to top schools and universities to train as an English teacher and finalized my academic studies by doing a Master’s Degree in Education Management. My training and practice provided me both with the micro and macro vision of the educational system.

By the time I finished my 2-year Master’s Degree and had to write my thesis, I had a breakthrough! What I was looking for required me to cross the threshold of formal education and explore beyond those boundaries. I was called to birth something new and trust that I would find those answers outside the world I knew. All that I had studied created a strong foundation and guided me to the edge of my ‘’familiar reality’’. I was ready to step into my true purpose!

Instead of writing my thesis, I decided to go on an inner journey to reveal something unique. Since I was not looking for more information, but timeless wisdom, I had to surrender to my passion and visionary spirit. It was not about denying or fighting the former structures but bringing forth innovation (my original contribution to support Human-Planetary Ascension). I decided to go through my own portal of transformation and have been ‘’living’’ my thesis for the past 16 years. I was honored to give birth to Enlightened Education, which is focused on our individual and collective Liberation and represents the Light Technology that can inspire/train us to create a new Enlightened Civilization.

Yantal’s Journey

I was raised by a family that encouraged me to embrace my values and to develop my entrepreneurial skills. Also, my academic training inspired me to focus on my self-development. From a young age, I started exploring my gifts and passion for research and creativity.

After working on the field of management and technology for more than three decades I was called to find my purpose. I discovered that as I surrendered to my evolutionary path (which inspired me to dream big, manifest, and let go of limitations) I could embrace my highest vision and realize my desired reality.

I started trusting my inner revelations, which invited me to explore my true passion and my connection with Source. Consequently, I was motivated to follow my inner guidance and to connect with Higher Consciousness to reveal spiritual technology that would help me prosper. As I willingly let go of my limiting patterns, and focused on my liberation, I discovered that I AM the source of innovation, and I can renovate myself at an accelerated pace. Since I devoted myself to a life of Service, I have been contributing my management and self-inquiry skills to create the right conditions so that all those who are ready to explore what lies ‘’beyond social success’’ feel safe to open that door.


Where did our unified path lead us?

We are now Spiritual Guides devoted to serving Human-Planetary Enlightenment. Our Mission includes You, your family, your community, humanity, our planet … and beyond!

Enlightened Education is the Light Technology that we offer Humanity to embrace Higher Consciousness so that we can co-create The New Earth: a divine civilization based on the principles of Love-Truth. Our Service is mainly focused on guiding the spiritual seekers who are ready to embrace their Divinity, to align with their authentic life purpose and to develop Faith in their highest vision. We feel inspired to help you reveal your divine origin, your essence, your purpose, your destiny, and your mission so that we can ALL experience Self-realization as we trust the natural flow of Health-Abundance that leads us towards Liberation and Divine Creation.

Our vision brings together those who are ready to restore their Original Consciousness and to explore their own magnificence. We are eager to support the awakening and the training of new spiritual Leaders & Masters who are willing to devote their lives to Self-Realization and, eventually, to engage in an innovative kind of Humanitarian (heart-based) Service.

We live in a heavenly energy vortex in Samaná, Dominican Republic, where we have been called to help raise the individual-collective consciousness as we ALL reveal / fulfill our Soul’s Purpose. We are fully committed to our Humanitarian Mission!

Welcome to Enlightened Education!


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