Ascension Mentoring Sessions

-Return to the I AM-



These sessions support all those who are integrating our Advanced Mastery and Mentorship Curriculums/Courses: Portal 3: Divine Liberation, Portal 4: Divine Realization & Ascension Mentorship

Ready to empty yourself to receive The Medicine of Love-Truth? We will share a REIJU to inspire you to embrace your God Flame and the divine quality that you are here to anchor to accelerate Human-Planetary Enlightenment and Ascension! We will invoke the Seraphic Bands to charge your energy centers and channels with pure, crystalline, Light. As you align with Love-Truth, you will reveal a universe of infinite possibilities and become all that you can BE!

A Divine attunement, or atonement, is a moment of reconciliation with your Divinity. REIJU means to receive something that comes straight from Source, as a divine blessing or offering. Every time you welcome it, you will realize something new (original)!

REI = In the presence of God and/or your Divine Mentor
JU = Attunement

We will inspire you to accept your Divine Identity and your planetary role as you acknowledge that…

* You are Light.
* It is possible to become liberated.
* You are a source of infinite energy.
* You are essentially divine, not human.

* You are free to create what you truly desire.
* It is abundant, not egoic/arrogant, to reclaim what is yours.
* You have been preparing for your chosen role for lifetimes. Embrace it now!

We will also encourage you to plan your Victory Spiral to dissolve your defeat mindset (records of failure/frustration/disappointment) and activate your Prosperity Consciousness to be the source of individual and collective blessings! Give everything you do a victorious spin and inspire others to claim their Victory Consciousness to take global service to the next level!


Get ready to…

* Upgrade and harmonize your 7 Bodies to anchor cosmic Light
* Tune into the 12 Divine Rays to illuminate and expand your aura
* Integrate all the layers of the Ascension Pyramid to love & serve All
* Discover the Affirmation that can help you access & embrace your God Flame
* Integrate the Ruby Ray Frequencies: surrendered sacrifice and selfless service
* Build a permanent bridge of connection with your Christ Self and I AM Presence
* Create a spiral of wholeness to reweave, upgrade, amplify and seal your Light Body
* Open your universal consciousness to find your Guru and surrender to The Presence
* Integrate our 33 Light Codes, 12 Soul Light Codes and/or 13 Original Source Codes
* Precipitate divine resources from your own Causal Body and the aura of The Ascended Beings



Modality: Zoom (virtual platform)

ContributionUSD 222

Let's connect now - USD 222



Always Victory!