Awaken your Inner Healer

-Release your Soul Medicine-



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Your Inner Healer wants to awaken to show you how to restore your natural balance. Your Medicine is within. Are you ready to discover it?

Remember that ”a healer does not judge, it liberates”. Get ready to share the right medicine!

Divine Healing is based on Alchemy, that is, on your innate ability to transmute mis-qualified energy and to recognize the miraculous and regenerative power of life. It is essential to heal all your internal aspects before creating a new life because you cannot build a prosperous reality on unstable foundations.

Everything that has been repressed will seek liberation.

By expanding your consciousness and activating more Light Codes within you, you will illuminate your unconscious and be able to identify the limiting patterns that are creating blockages and a distorted use of your life force energy. This deficient matrix will show you what needs to be healed with the power of Unconditional Love. 


Divine Love is the Medicine of this Age.

When you vibrate in this frequency, you awaken the necessary virtues to transcend the attachment to an artificial belief system that disconnects you from our inner wisdom. Even if there is much to be healed, you can connect with the vision of your victory, which anticipates a reality in which you can live and create in the Light.

Alchemy precedes divine creation. When you can focus on your highest vision of transformation while, at the same time, you are able to acknowledge all that you need to process, you achieve the necessary balance to enthusiastically explore your potential.


During this course, we will focus on 3 aspects of healing that will encourage you to break the shells of the ego (that keep you trapped in a limited identity) in order to externalize your Divine Blueprint: The Inner Child, the Inner Master, and the Inner God/Goddess. Each one will share valuable keys to remember how to restore and illuminate your Physical Temple. Creative innocence, Christ healing and eternal wisdom will show you the signs and reveal the inner spaces that need to reconnect with the Divine.

Your Christ Consciousness is the bridge that will lead you to Freedom and that will reactivate your Inner Medicine. It will expose the ”toolbox” that will escort you along your path of transformation.

Ready to go through these 3 Portals to tune into Divine Health?


These Teachings include:

* Healing Transmission # 1: Reconcile with your Inner Child
* Healing Transmission # 2: Clear the Way – purify the 4 directions
* Healing Transmission # 3: Trust your Inner Master
* Healing Transmission # 4: Unify with your Inner God/Goddess
* Healing Transmission # 5: Cultivate Purity (Truth Codes)
* Healing Transmission # 6: Cultivate Vitality (Enlightened Action)
* Healing Transmission # 7: Cultivate Vigor (Fearlessness)
* Healing Transmission # 8: Cultivate Flexibility (Versatility)
* Healing Transmission # 9: Create your own healing session/course

* 1 Seal of Transmutation to reconcile with your Inner Child
* 1 Seal of Integration to trust your Inner Master
* 1 Seal of Elevation to unify with your Inner God/Goddess

* 3 Divine Mantras to accelerate your healing journey
* 1 Master Key to acknowledge divine perfection
* Ascended Master Medicine to awaken your Inner Healer

Optional: 30′ Healing Session to activate the potential of your Inner Child, Inner Master, and/or Inner God-Goddess

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Enjoy 9 healing sessions!


October: 7, 14, 21, 28
November: 4, 11, 18, 25
December: 2

*All the sessions will be recorded in case you cannot attend live*

: 2 pm to 3:30 pm ET / Dominican Republic

: Zoom (virtual platform)

Option 1
: receive 9 Healing Transmissions

Access now USD 333

Option 2:
receive 9 Healing Transmissions + 30′ Healing Session

Access now USD 444


Our transmissions are based on the teachings that we have included in our Ebook: The Child, The Master and the Inner God: Portals to tune into Divine Health. (available in our website – click here)


Welcome to the Universe of Divine Healing!                                 





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