Co-Create with the Universal Spirit

”Manifest the Cosmic Plan”



Ready to co-create with the Universal Spirit to manifest the 7th Golden Age?

We invite you to gather on a weekly basis to receive a constant Radiation from Source & the Ascended Host. Let’s connect to our I AM Presence and welcome clear transmissions to manifest the Cosmic Plan and co-create Heaven on Earth. We will share practices that will allow you to encode your electrons to create a divine reality, accelerate your Ascension Journey, and expand your Light Pattern.

During our weekly sessions we will

* Create the permanent atom to manifest your God Reality
* Share Ascension Tools to optimize your Journey in the Light
* Connect with the Aquarian Frequency to thrive in this Golden Age
* Remember how to encode your electrons (the building blocks of reality)
* Receive the radiation of the Archangels, Elohim, and Chohans of the 7 Rays
* Activate our (33) Light Codes to internalize more Light & accelerate your Ascension Journey
* Listen to your
insights & shine a light on the topics you would love to discuss to prosper and thrive


START DATE: April 6 (2024)

Day: Saturday

Time: 2 pm to 4 pm (ET / Dominican Republic)

Access now - USD 333 p/month


Legions of Light are required to ascend our Planetary Reality. Are you ready to step into your mastery role and align with the Cosmic Plan to co-create a new world matrix?

Let’s co-create Heaven on Earth!

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