Special Event
Collective 12-D Reset



Recorded Session (1 hour)

Ready to remove your ‘’prosperity blockages’’ so that you can manifest your desired reality? It is not enough to transform your belief system; you also need to clear soul records if you are committed to thrive!
We have all been designed to prosper and programmed to believe in lack. No matter how disconnected from Divine Health-Abundance you think you are, you can consciously align with your True Nature. Purity is the way!

We invoked Master Serapis Bey and allowed his White Ray of Purity to neutralize the limiting patterns and conditioned behaviors that do not allow us to have a healthy relationship with Vitality and Abundance. You may feel that ‘’inner work’’ is not working because you still perceive ‘’lack’’. Maybe you think that you haven’t made progress, that you don’t have enough resources, you can’t multiply them easily, and you still need to make an effort to attract what you desire into your reality.

As you open your heart to The 4th Ray of Creation, you will reveal what has been holding you back and what you need to embrace to step into a ‘’co-creative cycle’’. It may surprise you! Trust that your profound and miraculous revelations will pave the way for a bountiful life.


Activate your ‘’Present-Moment Awareness’’. Get ready to LIVE NOW!

We invite you to heal 5 soul scars! Receive a 13-chakra attunement, a Light Language Activation, and an upgrade of your personal, ancestral, planetary, and genetic potential. Also, remember that both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine are the source of Prosperity and Divine Providence. Integrate them to restore balance!

* Reconcile with your Higher Self

* Let go of your ‘’poverty mindset’’

* Clear and actualize your soul records

* Consciously align with Divine Providence

* Identify and remove ‘’prosperity blockages’’

* Transcend the polarity ”attachment-indifference”

* Hold space to activate your Codes of Health and Abundance

* Reverse entropy by reconnecting with the ascending spirals of Light

Free access to the 12-D Reset
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Let’s open The Gates of Light!



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