Enlightened Education Annual Gatherings

-Immerse yourself in the Light-



Requirement: Complete Portal 1: Divine Connection & Portal 2: Divine Renovation Training Programs

Accelerate your transformation through the Power of Comm-Unity!

We invite you to join our first Enlightened Education Annual Gathering to deepen your connection with the Ascended Masters and immerse in our transformative Teachings. Enlightened Education is the Light Technology that we offer Humanity to co-create The New Earth: a divine civilization based on the principles of Love-Truth. We will base most of our transmissions on our eBook ”Become a Divine Creator: Birth an Enlightened Civilization.”


Remember how to live inspired, full of light!

During this retreat we will reveal our foundational and advanced practices and open powerful energy portals to expand our individual-collective consciousness. We are eager to support the awakening and the training of new spiritual Leaders & Masters who are willing to devote their lives to Self-Realization and, eventually, to engage in an innovative kind of Humanitarian (heart-based) Service.

Do you also visualize an Ascended Humanity? Together, we can shape our highest destiny! We invite you to co-create a new reality with our Light Codes as you consciously connect with The Chohans of the 7 Rays: Master El Morya, Lord Lanto, Paul The Venetian, Serapis Bey, Master Hilarion, Lady Nada and Lord Sananda, Saint Germain, and the Maha Chohan. Ready to celebrate the most abundant version of yourSelf?

Discover our Body Reprogramming Technology and upgrade your 7 Bodies as you absorb pure Cosmic Light!

Activate The Body of Light Mantra to raise the overall vibration of your physical body and increase the amount of light that it may hold! Reconversion (liberation of ancestral patterns) requires your willingness to leave everything behind and embrace a new life. You cannot build the kingdom on an illusionary foundation. Your reality will always mirror your state of consciousness/evolution. You cannot change your circumstances until YOU raise your vibration. You will always face the effect of your causes. So, resolve your causes and plant new seeds. Are you ready to verticalize your flow of resources, consume less, and connect deeper?

Surrender to your Creative Desires and raise your cellular vibration so that you can anchor pure frequencies and experience the power of the Divine Union within. We will offer you The Medicine of Love-Truth to help you create a permanent shift in consciousness and remember your soul blueprint.

Let’s find out what you are here to create to facilitate Human-Planetary Enlightenment and Ascension. Unlock your causal body and live your dharma! We celebrate and bless your unique contribution to Life!


We invite you to:

* Usher in the New Golden Age
* Find 5-D guidance and Light solutions
* Explore the power of Collective Alchemy
* Discover the blessing of your Divine Calling
* Trust and surrender to your Purpose-Mission
* Create Forcefields of Light to catalyze spiritual elevation
* Discover new facets of your Christ-Buddha Consciousness
* Integrate and Serve higher layers of The Ascension Pyramid
* Connect with the 12 Divine Rays to gather more Cosmic Light
* Clear ancestral fear to be in command of your life force energy
* Apply our Light Code Technology to recreate yourself in the Light
* Upgrade your devotional practices to externalize your soul blueprint
* Apply our Body Reprogramming Technology to upgrade your 7 Bodies
* Get ready to serve the Collective Soul and catalyze Enlightenment & Ascension
* Receive a collective REI-JU / Divine Attunement: ”The Medicine of Love-Truth”
* Participate in an Ascension Ceremony to clear limiting records and raise your vibrational frequency
* And much, much more!


Next Event: July 2023

Start date: Saturday, July 6 (at 7 pm)
End date: Saturday, July 13 (at 11 am)
Duration: 8 days; 7 nights

: to be confirmed

(it does NOT include accommodation, meals or airfare)

Adults & teens (+13): USD 888


Let’s Rise as One!






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