Embody your Christ Consciousness

”Serve Love-Truth”



RECORDED PROGRAM (12 video sessions + 1 bonus session + quantum tools and energy activations)

*Important Note: This training program represents a bridge between our Leadership and Mastery Path. It will allow you to integrate our Leadership Curriculum and get inspired to explore what lies ahead. Discover the foundational practices and alignments that will prepare you for Soul Liberation!


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Ready to stop perceiving limitations and to trust the Light of your Being?

We invite you to raise your point of resonance so that you can manifest the best possible individual and collective outcomes! Come and remember The Science of Ascension; the KeyCodes are imprinted in your own consciousness. You are your own liberator!

As you raise your consciousness you will shift from being focused on self-development to consecrating your life to Serve the collective soul. Your vision of transformation will include All. Instead of asking yourself: ‘’How can I feel better?’’ you will be passionate about finding ways to uplift your entire Universe (everyOne). Your priority will be to serve the Light and to open your heart to All!


We invite you to meet The Ascended Masters of the Green Ray of Precipitation, Truth, Divine Health and Abundance. They are willing to share with you all that you require to embody your Christ Consciousness and turn your poverty mindset (limiting patterns) into your Prosperity Consciousness. This is the main frequency of this Golden Age!

Ready to open your heart to Master Hilarion, Mother Mary, and Archangel Raphael? They will inspire you to reveal your true origin, essence, purpose, destiny, and mission and will remind you of the spiritual curriculum that you need to focus on if you desire to attain soul completion.

A Mentor is a catalyst. They do not teach you something you don’t know. They support you as you activate what is already available in your own consciousness. They are triggers. You are complete, so nobody could add something onto you. However, since certain soul aspects are veiled, you need a guide in the Higher Octaves and/or an Earth Master to remove those blockages. When you embrace your Truth and honor your Divine Embodiment, you set yourself free.

Finding your Mentor is an honor, a blessing, and the only way in which you can truly rise above fear and co-dependency. Why? Because it is easier to remember your true nature when you are around Pure Beings. What you are constantly exposed to, will end up molding your main habits and choices. As you get used to living in the Light, you will not feel intimidated in the presence of Higher Consciousness. If you want to become a leader, be around leaders. If you want to ascend, be around Ascended Beings.

If you want to activate more light, spend time in the Light!


Embody Your Christ Consciousness Sessions (level 1):

* Session # 1: Opening Ceremony – ”Under The Wings of your Mentor” (1:59:40)
* Session # 2: Replenish your Light Body (1:34:28)
* Session # 3: Explore the Mystical Path (1:51:31)
* Session # 4: Transcend your Ancestral Coding (1:36:48)
* Session # 5: Be the Pillar of Divine Relationships (1:49:05)
* Session # 6: Activate your Inner Diamonds (1:36:27)
* Session # 7: Purify your Energy Channels (1:10:04)
* Session # 8: Become the all-seeing eye of God (1:21:55)
* Session # 9: Drink from the Fountain of Youth (1:45:15)
* Session # 10: Accept that all is easy (1:44:27)
* Session # 11: Discover the Healing Cosmology (1:43:10)
* Session # 12: Closing Ceremony – ”Trust and Surrender” (1:10:06)
* Bonus Session: Embrace your Mission (1:50:01)

You will receive:

* 7 Divine Mantras
* 1 Threefold Flame Meditation
* 1 guided meditation to ”stay centered”
* The Green Ray Musical Attunement (original track)
* The application of the 12 Universal Laws to master your Life
* An attunement to attract Mature Relationships and Soul Family
* The ”Seal of Infinite Light” to receive Cosmic Light and embrace Unity Consciousness
* The activation of your 3 Inner Diamonds (Earth, Heart, and Celestial Ki) to increase your life force energy
* A breathing practice to purify your 3 main nadis (energy channels or streams) and awaken joyful frequencies
* Mother Mary’s Crown of 12 Stars, to connect with your Edenic Blueprint and birth enlightened realities
* All the practices included in the first 8 chapters of our eBook: ”Truth Above All Else”

* Access to our Private Forum


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This program was based on the teachings that we have included in our Ebook: Truth Above All Else: trust and surrender to create in the Light. (available in our website – click here)

Truth Above All Else


It is our honor to guide you in your Journey of Light!



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