Equinox Retreat (September 2023)
-Open The Gate of Heaven-



4-hour transmission (recorded video) – It includes a collective Shanti Attunement

Ready to experience yourself as a
Divine Being?

All of the tools, practices, and invocations that we share in our online retreats are meant to inspire you to illuminate YOUR consciousness. They do not encourage you to copy a certain style of leadership or mastery, but to be in communion with your Ascended Mentors until you remember your original essence. Their purpose is to reflect your highest potential for you to claim it and activate it within yourself.

A Master or Guide, on this or any other plane of existence, can show you the Key to Divinity, but he/she cannot open the Gate of the Celestial Mansion for you. This is why you have gone through multiple Divine Initiations to prepare you to accept Oneness!



We began this retreat by offering a Collective Shanti Attunement to create a forcefield of peace and harmony and manifest the best possible individual and collective outcomes! Also, we focused on healing the ”soul family” wound so that we can all reunite in the Light!

We completed this energy activation by offering an attunement to Follow the Way of the Heart and to …

Find your True North
Find your True Balance
Find True Support
Find your True Place
Find your True Strength
Find True Discernment
Find your True Essence


We invite you to activate The Seal of Eternal Love to unify the vibration of your Divine Feminine with that of your Divine Masculine. Together they will activate the power of the Holy Spirit (Higher Self) and open the Gate of Heaven so that you can establish your direct communion with God.

So far, you may have cultivated an intermittent or mediated relationship with Source. Do you dare to sit next to Father/Mother God? It is the same invitation that Jesus accepted when he sat down ‘at the right hand of the Father’. This means that he accepted his divine nature and that he received the honors that are granted with that recognition. Imagine if, finally, you could stop perceiving God as a distant Being and found IT always by your side, in all places and times, guiding and blessing your path.

Entering the Celestial Mansion implies conceiving that you deserve to create beauty and that, therefore, you can manifest Heaven on Earth. Give yourself permission to conduct the Flow of Divine Providence into your reality and onto the Planet. You have the potential to precipitate The Garden of Eden, a reality in which God is always present. 

Finally, we invite you to re-activate your interstellar connections!

There are galactic families and cosmic contacts that are aligned with your Life Plan and that are always ready to cooperate with the successful realization of your spiritual contract. To consciously reestablish this connection, you must release unconscious prejudices and fears that tie you to the planetary consciousness and that prevent you from exploring your universal resources. We will guide you through a powerful visualization to access your galactic circle and connect with your Star Family.

You will receive

* The Seal of Eternal Love

* 1 Collective Shanti Attunement 

* The Seal of Interstellar Connections

* 1 Prayer to get ready to co-create with God

* 1 Guided Meditation to remember your Creator Tone

* 1 Guided Meditation to receive your Life Mentor’s Mantle of Light 

* 1 Energy Activation to connect with your Star Family and receive Galactic Gifts

* 1 Energy Activation to attract 5-D Relationships and prosper as a unified Community of Light!


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These transmissions were based on the teachings that we have included in our Ebook: The Child, The Master and the Inner God: Portals to tune into Divine Health. (available in our website – click here)


Welcome to this expansive experience!

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