Freedom Activations
”Release your Soul Light”



Welcome to this series of
Freedom Activations! We are ready to share more about our Light Technology, Enlightened Education, to support the phase of transmutation that many are going through as we all return to our ”I AM Presence” and become Divine Creators. Let’s explore New Avenues of Self-Expression and Service that can inspire us to impact the individual-collective consciousness. We want to discover the optimal use of our life force energy, time, and resources so that we can create reality in alignment with The Divine Will.

– What is Freedom?
– What catalyzes Freedom?
– What inhibits Freedom?

Enjoy these 12 Conversations and Activations as we explore different Freedom Topics
through the lens of The 7 Cosmic Rays.

The Ray of Divine Power and Strength
The Ray of Divine Wisdom and Intuitive Knowledge
The Ray of Divine Love and Excellence
The Ray of Divine Mastery and Pure Devotion
The Ray of Divine Precipitation and Truth
The Ray of Divine Service, Generosity, and Peace
The Ray of Divine Alchemy and Freedom

As you listen to each conversation/activation you will start feeling the connection with The Chohans (Lords) of these Rays and you will feel inspired to open your heart to The Ascended Masters and to the activity of the Sacred Fire.

*You can read more about them in our ‘’eBook: Enlightened Education: A Path to precipitate your Divine Vision’’. Click here



Freedom Activation # 1: Explore the Power of Freedom
Freedom Activation # 2: Honor your Lessons
Freedom Activation # 3: Focus on self-realization
Freedom Activation # 4: Create in your Heart
Freedom Activation # 5: Stay on Path
Freedom Activation # 6: Heal to receive
Freedom Activation # 7: Give to remember
Freedom Activation # 8: Make everything Divine
Freedom Activation # 9: Free your Mind
Freedom Activation # 10: Discover New Avenues of Self-Expression and Service
Freedom Activation # 11: Manifest God’s Vision
Freedom Activation # 12: Become a Divine Creator

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Welcome to the Universe of Enlightened Education!



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