Grace Activations
”Dissolve into Oneness”



REIJU – DIVINE ATTUNEMENT (1 hour) – Complementary to all of our Mastery Training Courses

Ready to align with your I AM Presence?

Dare to remove inner obscurations and clarify your journey back to Source! Let’s activate The 3 Diamonds in your lower, middle and upper haras to release your Earth Ki, Heart Ki, and Heaven Ki … as you heal your past, accept your present, and embrace your future! Awaken dormant soul aspects that have been blocked/numbed by fear and attachments and choose to externalize the individual-collective Divine Blueprint!

Master Hilarion, Mother Mary, and Archangel Raphael have been preparing us to share Grace Activations. These are concentrated energy transmissions that will lead you to the ultimate experience your soul has been seeking: dissolution into oneness. You will be in complete alignment with Father-Mother God and you will be able to reclaim True Health, Abundance, and Relationships.

Cross the threshold! Expand your consciousness to realize what lies beyond the limiting patterns that you perceive as ”evil” (= energy veil)!


Are you willing to accept The Gift of Purity (ultimate purification) and to turn co-dependency into co-creation? The Masters of the Green Ray together with Serapis Bey, and The Ascended Masters of the Holy Family will prepare your body and consciousness to give and to receive fully as you reconnect with the miraculous power of Love-Truth!

If you are familiar with the REIKI system, and you know what a REIJU is, you will most probably understand the value of this energy transmission. REIJU means to receive something that comes straight from Source, as a divine blessing or offering. You need to be in alignment with integrity to honor this experience.

REI = In the presence of God and/or your Divine Mentor

JU = Attunement

REIJU is an opportunity to remove all inner judgment and blockages to the Light so that you can be in an eternal moment with God. An attunement, or atonement, is a moment of reconciliation with your Divinity.


During this GRACE ACTIVATION you will feel that you are One with your Creator!

You will be able to clean all your mirrors and, especially, your Inner Mirror to perceive your Truth: Divine Reality. As you receive this Green Ray Transmission know that you will be integrating your soul blueprint and your Christ Light.

We invite you to go through this Ascended Master Consciousness Portal to attune to your 12-D (Universal) Consciousness, which will facilitate the dissolution of your human identity and attachment to form. Prepare your consciousness to:

* Dissolve into Oneness

* Manifest your soul’s desires

* Share your unique soul gifts

* Receive Unexpected Miracles

* Embody Infinite Consciousness

* Elevate whole collectives to the Light

* Be in alignment with Father-Mother God

* Experience full body-consciousness Ascension

* Become a gateway to explore the 12-D and beyond

* Welcome Divine Health, Abundance, and Relationships

* Completely unplug from the limitations of mass consciousness


During this REIJU you will receive:

* 1 Grace Activation to dissolve into Oneness

* 1 Divine Mantra to integrate the Codes of Purity/Integrity

* 1 Seal of Impeccability to purify and bless all your chakras

* 1 Quantum Symbol to awaken your Universal Consciousness

* 1 Guided Meditation to activate your 3 Inner Diamonds (MP3 audio)


Modality: Zoom (virtual platform)

Receive a Grace Activation - USD 288


These Grace Activations are based on the main teachings and practices that we have shared in our eBook: ”Truth Above All Else: trust and surrender to create in the Light” (Available in our website – click here)Truth Above All Else

As you receive this Grace Activation, trust that your Life will be eternally blessed by the Light!


Looking forward to sharing this Divine Activation with you!