Fundación: Huellas de Luz


Fundación: Huellas de Luz ®

Our Foundation, Huellas de Luz (Legacy of Light), promotes Enlightened Education (La Educación centrada en el Ser), to catalyze Human evolution. We share practical Spiritual Technology that can help you access your inner wisdom to uplift yourself, your family, your Community, Humanity and to raise the Planetary Consciousness.

We offer in-person and online events to inspire people from all walks of life who are being called to live authentically, in alignment with their soul purpose, and to train the New Earth Leaders & Masters who are ready to start / up-level their Service to support individual-collective liberation and to create a reality filled with Health and Abundance!

Our Foundation reflects our commitment to leave an open path for all those sincere spiritual seekers who are longing to remember who they are and who are willing to fulfill their purpose-mission with enthusiasm.

Ready to answer your humanitarian call and to leave your legacy of light?

Welcome to our collective mission,

Fundación Huellas de Luz 
nonprofit organization
RNI 204132021
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Las Terrenas, Samaná, Dominican Republic.
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