Embody your Christ Consciousness

”Inherit the Kingdom/Queendom”


RECORDED PROGRAM (12 video sessions + quantum tools and energy activations)

*Important Note: This training program represents a bridge between our Leadership and Mastery Path. It will allow you to integrate our Leadership Curriculum and get inspired to explore what lies ahead. Discover the foundational practices and alignments that will prepare you for Soul Liberation!


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Embody your Christ Consciousness (level 2) invites you to reveal the practices that can prepare you to ”inherit the kingdom/queendom”. Choosing to Prosper is an Act of Love! Your transcendence is an expression of Universal Love since you are doing it on behalf of Humanity. When One finds God, we All do.

Embodying your Christ Light is your highest form of abundance because accepting your divine essence is the end of suffering and unworthiness. As you accept your soul commitment for incarnating on Earth, you will surrender to the mission that you chose to fulfill.

Find Holy Land within!

Your transformation requires humility since you will need to ask for help to transcend your human limitations and attachment to drama. Accepting support is a form of service because it accelerates your liberation which, in turn, encourages others to answer their highest calling. Remember that awakening new codes is not the same as integrating them. You will need support to go through your Divine Initiations.

Walking The Path of Enlightening is your highest form of surrender since it will encourage you to constantly embrace more of your Christ Light -and dissolve deeper layers of your small self. Don’t allow fear, time or money to get in the way of your expansion. Your inner transformation requires your investment! Ascension is inviting us to create more than we consume, to give to life more than we take from it.

Your Inner Christ will also train you to create and sustain Christ Forcefields that benefit all those who come into contact with them. Let’s strengthen the Great Antahkarana of Life and activate new vortices so that we are elevated by Father-Mother God and we can benefit entire communities

What you are willing to challenge and transcend sets a precedent. Your freedom leads the way as it breaks paradigms and shows the way forward. Be The Christ in Action!



Embody Your Christ Consciousness Sessions (level 2):

* Session # 1: Opening Ceremony – ”Everything becomes Connected”
* Session # 2: Accept your Soul Wisdom
* Session # 3: Follow the threads of consciousness
* Session # 4: Remember your Legacy of Light
* Session # 5: Actualize your Light Body Technology
* Session # 6: Live your Future Now
* Session # 7: Create Forcefields of Light
* Session # 8: Receive a Blessing from Mother Mary
* Session # 9: Receive Healing from Archangel Raphael
* Session # 10: Receive a Divine Attunement from Master Hilarion
* Session # 11: Receive a Collective Grace Activation
* Session # 12: Closing Ceremony – ”Truth Above All Else”

You will receive:

* 5 Divine Mantras
* 1 Kabbalist Prayer to awaken your Tree of Life
* 1 Nutrition Matrix to explore integral nutrition and enjoy your crystallization ”process”
* 1 Root Chakra Activation and Clearing
* 1 Sacral Chakra Activation and Clearing
* 1 Solar Plexus Activation and Clearing
* 1 Divine Blessing from Mother Mary
* 1 Healing Activation from Archangel Raphael
* 1 Divine Attunement from Master Hilarion
* 1 Prayer to reconcile with Divine Providence
* 1 Collective Grace Activation (Divine Attunement)
* All the practices included in the last 6 chapters of our eBook: ”Truth Above All Else”

* Access to our Private Forum


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This program was based on the teachings that we have included in our Ebook: Truth Above All Else: trust and surrender to create in the Light. (available in our website – click here)

Truth Above All Else


It is our honor to guide you in your Journey of Light!



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