Leadership Development

Leadership Development
”Trust your Inner Gifts”


Prerequisite: you need to complete at least one of these programs or sessions

7 attunements to align with your Divine Purpose
Shanti Attunement
Awaken your Inner Healer
Sacred Temple of the Heart
Our Online Retreats

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Welcome to our Leadership Development space!

Are you ready to move beyond your awakening & empowerment phase of evolution and welcome Divine Liberation? We invite you to open your heart to connect with real time guidance and ”Light Solutions” as we get together on a weekly basis to nurture our leadership frequency. Let’s explore our Leadership Curriculum and accelerate individual-collective transformation!

Our vision is to cultivate a supportive community as we experience and integrate the Sacred Temple of the Heart Teachings … and more! As we stabilize our consciousness in the Christ Frequency, everything will start flowing with ease and grace!


Ready to be guided by a Life Mentor?

Dilah & Cymbele, two of our Community Leaders, will be offering and guiding these sessions to help you simplify and accelerate your Ascension Journey and to clear any patterns that might be holding you back. They will be revisiting the tools and energy activations that GaitanaYantal have shared in the Sacred Temple of the Heart (level 1 & 2) & Awaken your Inner Healer training courses so that you can attain heart mastery and internalize more of your Soul Light.

Manifest your soul’s purpose and awaken/enrich your Service Template!

You will have the opportunity to activate 8 Pillars of Service to discover your inner gifts and choose your service/offering! We have created this private container so that you can build and upgrade your spiritual practices, ask questions, be in a field of leaders, and step into your new/next Service Role. These sessions are FOR YOU to share your insights and suggest the topics you would love to discuss as you immerse in these leadership teachings.



Day: Wednesdays

Time: 2 pm to 3 pm (Dominican Republic)

***Due to the intimacy and the active participatory nature of these sessions, we request that attendees use their cameras. These sessions will not be recorded since they are aimed at clearing and upgrading our energy fields ”in real time” ***

Free Registration - ZOOM


Let’s thrive together!


Firma Gaitana YantaL