Life Mentoring Sessions
-Follow the Way of the Heart-



These sessions support all those who are integrating our Leadership Curriculum/Courses 

We invite you to create the right conditions to thrive as you connect with The Sacred Temple of your Heart and awaken your inner virtues. Receive a Shanti Attunement to awaken your Karuna Consciousness (compassion) and upgrade your chakra system to create what you truly desire.

Our Life Mentors will allow you to awaken your Inner Light (Christ Consciousness) and align with your Higher Self to build a strong inner foundation before creating a new reality. Enrich your healing journey as you receive soul medicine and you forgive and resolve your past creations to get ready to manifest your soul’s purpose. 

Your Life Mentor will meet you exactly where you are and share with you the Next Key to accelerate your path to liberation and become accountable. As a leader of your reality, you will need to take responsibility for every life choice and comprehend your causes and effects to understand the dynamics of conscious creation.

Ready to remember your divine origin, essence, and purpose?

Before you can become a great leader, you need to learn how to follow the golden steps! Access Divine Frequencies and trust your inner promptings and creative gifts as you re-create yourself.


Get ready to…

* Heal your Inner Child
* Balance your lower bodies
* Awaken your Inner Healer
* Follow the Way of the Heart
* Reveal your Divine Purpose
* Activate the Chambers of your Sacred Heart
* Receive divine tools & practices to transform your reality
* Open inner portals to tune into Divine Health & Abundance
* Discover your inner gifts and align with your highest (soul’s) calling 
* Receive a Shanti Attunement to always manifest the best possible outcome




: Zoom 


1 session – USD 111 

1 Session with Cymbele

1 Session with Schaylenne

4 sessions – USD 388

4 Sessions with Cymbele

4 Sessions with Schaylenne



Welcome to the Universe of Enlightened Education!





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