Live on the edge of Consciousness

-Remember how to precipitate your desired reality-





We invite you to awaken your creative center – the Threefold Flame in your heart- to dissolve co-dependent patterns, reclaim your freedom and step into your sovereign destiny!

  • Accept your ‘next version’
  • Turn control into allowance
  • Create a field of joy (non-resistance) so that everything shifts faster
  • Set priorities, align with your divine purpose, cultivate self-love to make (bold) decisions, and step into action!
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Have you been trained to feel safe and comfortable and to overestimate your comfort zone? You might also know that your Divine Potential awakens when you live on the edge of your consciousness, that is, when you are living on the top of your energy bandwidth. Dare to call in your next opportunity for growth and get ready to jump into a new cycle of creation!

When you accept your ”next version”, freedom becomes more inspiring than safety (control). This does not mean that evolution is dangerous, but that you can break through the illusion that basing your safety on possessions (attachment to form) will provide you true stability and fulfillment. Unless you know that you are the Source of Love, Power, and Wisdom, you will be pursuing external achievements and human company to fill a void that can only be filled with Light. 

Only Divinity can complete you!

Let’s start by awakening your creative center – the Threefold Flame in your heart- to dissolve co-dependent patterns, reclaim your freedom and step into your sovereign destiny. Remember that energy precedes matter. All that you are intending to bring forth is now part of the potential field of creation. You have the opportunity to choose one of those potentials and make it available for yourself and for the collective. You will need to weave an Inner Matrix -to activate and combine a series of divine frequencies- and to let go of limiting structures to awaken the power of creation within.


Divine Precipitation will remind you of the energetic principles that will train you to manifest your desired reality … and live on the edge of consciousness! The fact that you are a Quantum Creator does not mean that you do not have to take gradual steps towards your liberation. There is a method, and you need to develop obedience (respect, not submissiveness) to your Inner Guide if you are willing to thrive. Gratitude and appreciation will allow you to create a field of joy where only high energy frequencies can remain. When you are grateful, everything moves faster because there is no resistance.

Remember how to …

… set priorities. Tell the difference between what is transcendental (of permanent value) and what is merely important (a secondary task).

align with your divine purpose and make sure you invest your energy on something that is worth creating/experiencing.

cultivate self-love to make (bold) decisions.

trust your highest choice and step into action!

We invite you to let go of the fear of making mistakes, wasting resources or spoiling your creation. Your reality is holographic. Therefore, it is flexible, and you are always able to refine (or redefine) it. You can never be stuck because there is always a divine solution and a way to up-level your life. When you feel that you deserve a certain experience, your I AM Presence will always create it for you!



* 1 Energy Activation to awaken the Codes of Divine Precipitation
* 1 Divine Transmission to connect with The Mighty Elohim (the builders of reality)
* 1 simple breathing technique to raise your frequency and upgrade your energy system

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