Master Divine Precipitation
”Embrace your Miracle Consciousness”

RECORDED PROGRAM (8 video sessions + quantum tools and energy activations + certificate of completion)

*Important Note: These Teachings are for self-actualization.
To be sharing these tools and practices, you need to complete a final assignment.


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Ready to go on an inner journey with Lady Nada (Mary Magdalene) and to align with the 6th Ray of Service, Generosity, and Peace? We invite you to re-activate your Codes of Ministry, Divine Union, Sovereign Community, Christ Service, Peace, Humility, and Acceptance. You will feel Universal Love re-awakening within and re-animating your body and consciousness!

The Ascended Masters have shared with us that everything is becoming Real (as above, so below; as within, so without) and that we can only externalize what we have truly cultivated within. We have created this online course to facilitate your reunion with The Divine Mother within as you reconcile with Matter, and you further explore your gift of Precipitation.

‘’To do’’ is not the same as ‘’to create’’. Free yourself from the Productive Paradigm, which makes you struggle to succeed, and step into the Creative Paradigm, which encourages you to birth everything through the wisdom and power of Universal Love.

Get ready for Soul Embodiment! We invite you to open your EarthGate. As you activate your Pillar of Light, you will be able to awaken and actualize your main energy centres (Divine Portals) as well as other Portals to Inner Earth. This will deepen your connection with The Divine Mother and with Mother Earth so that you can explore new forms of Life and of Creation.

Prepare your Consciousness to catalyze the healing of collective wounds and ancestral fragmentation, to embrace your Lunar and Solar Power, and to integrate the complete energy spectrum to include All.

Receive a Cosmic Attunement and get ready to awaken 13 interconnected chakras to Master Divine Precipitation and to embrace your Miracle Consciousness.

You will also activate 6 Pillars of Light so that you feel supported and Divinely Guided as you discover new facets of The Divine Feminine and The Divine Masculine. When they are balanced, you can truly master Divine Precipitation, that is, you can freely realize your highest vision, accelerate time, and multiply the resources that you require to create your own Heaven on Earth.

Each Pillar will grant you a Divine Gift: the Gift of Alchemical Healing, the Gift of Prophecy, the Gift of Creative Expression, the Gift of Method, the Gift of Instantaneity, and the Gift of Prosperity.

The 6 Pillars will awaken a powerful Creative Center that will activate 3 further Gifts: teleportation (the ability to focus your consciousness on any timeline, density, or reality so that you can access any place at will), telepathy (an upgrade in your communication skills so that you can exchange wisdom with other Beings and Realms without limiting yourself to the use of human languages), and telekinesis (the ability to rearrange your reality with the power of your consciousness).

As you embody more soul aspects and you internalize your Light, you will perceive a whole New World of Opportunities! You will feel inspired to Create with Purpose rather than ‘do for the sake of doing’ and to find true fulfillment.

Become a Living Temple of Light!

Divine Precipitation Teachings include:

* Session # 1: Receive a Cosmic Attunement (1:58:27)
* Session # 2: Activate your Pillar of Life (1:33:20)
* Session # 3: Activate your Pillar of Sensitivity (1:27:52)
* Session # 4: Activate your Pillar of Action (1:26:55)
* Session # 5: Activate your Pillar of Materialization (1:21:57)
* Session # 6: Activate your Pillar of Expansion (1:56:40)
* Session # 7: Activate your Pillar of Pure Love (2:02:17)
* Session # 8: Become a Living Temple of Light (1:36:21)

* 8 video session replays
* 1 Cosmic Attunement (MP3 audio)
* 6 Pillar Activations (MP3 audios)
* Become a Living Temple of Light Activation (MP3 audio)
* Visual Activations to awaken the different Pillars (original paintings)
* 1 PDF with the EarthGate + Inner Earth Mantra 
* Certificate of completion (after submitting your final assignment)

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Awaken more of your Soul Gifts!

* Manifest The Divine Will
* See the Divine Imprint in everyBody
* Remember how Creation ‘works’ on Earth
* Explore the potential of Divine Embodiment
* Receive The Divine Mother’s Blessing to Create
* Unleash your full potential by letting go of inhibitions
* Clear unconscious attachments and co-dependent patterns
* Embrace Universal Love as the source of Divine Precipitation

Note: To be sharing these tools and practices, you need to complete a final assignment.

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