Mastery Development

Mastery Development
”Ascend and Thrive”



Prerequisite: you need to complete at least one of these programs

Embody your Christ Consciousness
Portal 1: Divine Connection
Our Online

Welcome to our Mastery Development space!

Are you ready to support/accelerate individual-collective Liberation? We invite you to gather on a weekly basis to nurture your mastery frequency and to focus on Freedom. We have created this private container so that you can strengthen your connection with the Ascended Masters and receive Direct Guidance from Source. As you remain in a field of Mastery, you will trust your intuition and reveal more aspects of your purpose-destiny-mission.

Receive a constant Radiation from Source & the Ascended Host!

Remember how to connect with your I AM Presence and welcome clear transmissions to manifest the Cosmic Plan and co-create Heaven on Earth. We will share Master Tools/Practices and the 33 Light Codes that will allow you to encode your electrons to create a divine reality, accelerate your Ascension Journey, and expand your Light Pattern.

Let’s illuminate all your spheres of consciousness -individual, family, community, humanitarian, planetary, galactic, and cosmic- so that you can ascend and thrive!


These sessions are FOR YOU to share your insights and suggest the topics you would love to discuss as you immerse in these Master Teachings. We are open to discuss and to further activate all that can help you align with your Ascended Master Consciousness and clear the patterns that might be holding you back.

We will be applying the tools and practices that we have introduced in Embody your Christ Consciousness, and Portals 1, 2, & 3 so that you remember how to precipitate your desired reality. Also, come and receive a weekly infusion of The Flame of Resurrection to re-animate your life and body, raise the vibration of your cells, and accelerate your Journey in the Light!


During our weekly sessions we will:

* Go into our Light Chamber to co-create with the Ascended Host
* Explore breathing techniques that will clear our fields and energize us
* Connect with our Threefold Flame to balance inner power, love, & wisdom
* Connect with the Aquarian Frequency & Vision to thrive in this Golden Age
* Apply 2 Master Keys to dissolve our reactivity and always make joyful choices
* Activate the Body Reprogramming Master Key to purify and upgrade our 7 Bodies
* Chant our 12 Divine Mantras to embrace our Christ Light & manifest our soul’s purpose
* Activate 33 Light Codes to internalize more Light and accelerate our Ascension Journey
* Receive the radiation of the Archangels, Elohim/Elementals, and Chohans of the 7 Rays
* Give Light Prayers and Affirmations to externalize our Divine Plan and fulfill our collective mission
* Listen to your insights & shine a light on the topics you would love to discuss to prosper and thrive


Day: Tuesdays

Time: 2 pm to 3:30 pm (Dominican Republic)

Access now - USD 111 p/month

These sessions will not be recorded since they are aimed at clearing and upgrading our energy fields ”in real time”.


Legions of Light are required to ascend our Planetary Reality. Are you ready to step into your mastery role and align with the Cosmic Plan to co-create a new world matrix?

Let’s co-create Heaven on Earth!

Firma Gaitana YantaL