Mentorship in Samaná
”Be the Source of Collective Enlightenment”



We offer you a unique opportunity to enrich your path of enlightenment. Get ready to embody the 13 Facets of your Ascended Consciousness!

Samaná, Dominican Republic, is the land that called us to realize ourselves and to serve the Light. Our mission includes you! We extend you this invitation so that you can also remember your spiritual contract and your role within the Cosmic Plan. We are excited to guide you as you are confident to help others discover their origin, essence, purpose, destiny, and mission. We have taken these steps and, therefore, we are ready to share with you the keys of prosperity that we have revealed as we surrendered to the Divine Flow and said YES to our highest potential.

Enlightenment is the return to Eternal Love, that which frees you from all conditioning and that reconnects you with permanent joy. As you liberate yourself you will have no structures, live authentically, and surrender to your own Divinity.


To co-create your enlightenment on this Sacred Land, in the presence of nature, implies that you acknowledge the power of a point in the planetary grid -a new energy vortex- that encourages you to embrace your own light to illuminate others. You will remember how to co-create with Earth’s Consciousness, the Elementals, the Elohim, and your Enlightened Ancestors to raise the collective consciousness and leave your legacy of light.

We invite you to awaken your Pioneering Spirit to create a New Life and Original Service, aligned with the frequencies of the Age of Aquarius. Let go of all dogma, even spiritual, to explore new creative potentials. As you transcend your ancestral fears and contracts, you will be able to live a soul-centered life.

We will inspire you to fulfill your Divine Vision in the present moment to display a reality that overflows with Health and Abundance. We will create the perfect container for you to integrate all the soul aspects that you have retrieved and that are now ready to become One. Divinity invites you to live a quantum existence, to bring Heaven to Earth. Your experience will inspire others to go on an inner journey to find their own Edenic / Enlightened Reality.

Ready to become the source of collective enlightenment?


In-Person Mentorship teachings include:

* Fully trusting your I AM Presence
* Embracing your Ascension Technology
* Embodying your Ascended Consciousness
* Access to the eternal flow of Regenerative Light
* Practicing Grace Activations + The Breath of God
* Activation of your Divine Presence for instant healing
* Co-creating and Serving with The Great White Brotherhood
* Anchoring your consciousness in the highest vibrational frequencies
* Exploring the benefits and responsibilities of Spiritual Liberation and Divine Creation
* Sharing your daily ”enlightening” experiences with Gaitana & Yantal to receive guidance and support


Start Date: to be arranged with Gaitana & Yantal

Length: 6 months (24 sessions)

Day: to be arranged with Gaitana & Yantal 

Time: to be arranged with Gaitana & Yantal

Modality: In-person

Total Value: USD 3333 (24 sessions)

Monthly Offering: USD 555.5

Offerings - USD 555.5


In-Person Training (9 hours a week)

Before starting this training cycle, we will have a zoom session to share specific information and to decide if this option is aligned with your vision of transformation.

Email us at to start your admission process.


Welcome to your Universe of Light!

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