Ascension Mentorship: Quantum Life!

Ascension Mentorship: Quantum Life!
”Accomplish your Mission”



*It includes your free access to our Mastery Development weekly sessions

Walk The Path of The Ascended Masters and Serve the Light!

Are you ready to precipitate everything through your I AM Presence? Are you willing to be the source of Collective Enlightenment/Ascension? Embody the highest levels of integrity as you manifest your Divine Service. Participate in weekly Ascension Ceremonies so that your vibration frequency is raised permanently and you can embrace the main facets of your Ascended Consciousness!

The infinite power of the Universe is IN you! Are you ready to fully remember and integrate The Way of Love-Truth? Connect with The 5 Secret Rays, The World Teachers (Masters Kuthumi and Jesus), and other Cosmic Beings, to remember how to manifest/precipitate your purpose-mission from your Causal Body and live your Dharma!


We invite you to re-awaken your Original Source Codes and to restore Cosmic Harmony so that you stop creating dissonance. During these weekly sessions you will be able to integrate your Light Technology and define/upgrade your Service Offerings. You will also have the opportunity to reveal your Ascension Curriculum, remember your spiritual contract, and clarify your role within the Cosmic Plan!

Ascension is the return to Love-Truth, which frees you from all conditioning and reconnects you with permanent joy and prosperity. As you liberate yourself, you will not depend on false structures or systems, but will live authentically … willingly surrendering to your own Divinity.

Walk into The Temples of Prosperity to go through the Initiations in…

The Temple of Receptivity
The Temple of Multiplication
The Temple of Reconversion
The Temple of Joy
The Temple of Victory
The Temple of The Holy Spirit


Awaken your Pioneering Spirit to create a New Life and Original Service, aligned with the frequencies of the Age of Aquarius! Let go of all dogma, even spiritual, to explore new creative potentials. As you transcend your ancestral fears and contracts, you will be able to live a soul-centered life.

We will inspire you to fulfill your Divine Vision-Mission as you integrate all your soul aspects. Divinity invites you to live a quantum existence so that you can bring Heaven to Earth. Your experience will inspire others to go on an inner journey to find their own Edenic / Ascended Reality.

Ready to become the source of collective enlightenment/ascension?

Mentorship teachings include:

* Remembering your Cosmic Identity
* Mastering the Path of the Ruby Ray
* Embracing your Ascension Technology
* Participating in monthly Ascension Ceremonies
* Accessing the eternal flow of Regenerative Light
* Accessing ”The Silence” to fulfill your own Divine Destiny
* Co-creating and Serving with The Great White Brotherhood
* Integrating the main facets of your Ascended Consciousness
* Embodying your Divine Presence to precipitate Cosmic Light
* Awakening Ascended Master understanding and discernment
* Receiving Direct Transmissions from The Great White Brotherhood
* Anchoring your consciousness in the highest vibrational frequencies
* Going into the Ascended Master Retreats to accelerate your Ascension Journey
* Exploring the benefits and responsibilities of Spiritual Liberation and Divine Creation
* Connecting with The 5 Secret Rays and precipitating from your Causal Body to live your Dharma


Live Training

Start Date: April 2024 

Length: 24 sessions (6 months)

Modality: In-Person or Online (Zoom)

Monthly Offering: USD 555.5

Total Value: USD 3333

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Embrace your spiritual brilliance!