Portal 1: Divine Connection
”Align with Higher Consciousness”


RECORDED PROGRAM (6 audio sessions + 1 Bonus Session + quantum tools and energy activations)

*Important Note: These Teachings are for self-actualization.
To be sharing these tools and practices, you need to graduate from Portal 4: Divine Realization.


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We invite you to internalize your direct connection with Source as you mentor with The Ascended Masters and you are initiated in the Light Technology that they have gifted us to raise the individual and collective consciousness of Humanity! Get ready to experience a new reality: stop living on autopilot and follow your heart!

As you become more introspective, you will expand your vision and gain clarity. We will share 7 Light Codes and the Affirmations that will initiate you in your Ascension Journey and that will inspire you to re-organize your life, create healthy habits and prosper with enthusiasm.

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Enlightened Education is a template of ”Inner Education” for the Aquarian Age. It does not tell you what to do; it is not standardized and does not use generalized templates. It attunes you to the consciousness that reminds you of your true purpose-destiny and how to fulfill it.

To prosper in The Golden Age, you need to understand its dynamics. You can only accept what you discover through your own direct experience and is aligned with your unique style of leadership/mastery. Enlightened Education guides you to the door of a new consciousness. It is up to you to open it!

Discover how to awaken the Power, the Wisdom and the Love that reside in your heart to become a Conscious Creator. As you reactivate your Inner Technology, you will identify your creative desires and welcome transformation. Discernment, divine power, and appreciation will show you the way forward.

Be grateful for your countless gifts and blessings!

Portal 1 teachings include

* Session # 1: Meet your Mentor (48:29)
* Session # 2: Know your true value (55:10)
* Session # 3: Align with the Universal Laws (53:04)
* Session # 4: Remember that you have the right to love yourSelf (38:14)
* Session # 5: Awaken the Threefold Flame in your heart (49:46)
* Session # 6: Embrace Unity (47:05)
* Bonus Session: The Evolution of the Threefold Flame (33:33)

* Ascended Master Mantras
* Crystal Energy Activation (MP3 audio)
* 7 Light Codes + Affirmations (+ PDF)
* Portal of Divine Value Affirmation (+ PDF)
* Unity Prayer (+ PDF)
* Access the Secret Chamber of your Heart

* Access to our Private Forum

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