Portal 2: Divine Renovation
”Find your True Purpose”


RECORDED PROGRAM (6 audio sessions + quantum tools and energy activations)

*Important Note: These Teachings are for self-actualization.
To be sharing these tools and practices, you need to graduate from Portal 4: Divine Realization.


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We invite you to Walk The Path of the Ascended Masters and to discover the sacred tools and practices that will (gradually) guide you back to your I AM Presence. Trust Higher Consciousness as it reconnects you with your pure intent and inspires you to surrender to the flow. 

Are you ready to find direction in life, i.e., a path that is aligned with your Soul’s Plan? 

We will share Light Technology that you can use in your daily meditations to reset yourSelf and to align with your authentic life purpose. You fully deserve to step into your 5D reality … and beyond!

You are meant to experience spiritual realization, but daily distractions, collective opinions, and mainstream commercials (that encourage you to reproduce seemingly successful lives) may deviate you from answering your highest calling. Embracing your highest timeline reality requires discipline, dedication, and devotion to keep focused and to not be distracted by the voice of limitation, which keeps you trapped in your comfort zone. You won’t feel plentiful by achieving more goals, but by shifting your (self-) perception. If you believe in lack, you won’t be able to realize your True Self.

When you are willing to uncover your deepest fears, doubts, and insecurities, you can find a creative solution to your challenges and let go of false beliefs and excuses. Your Heart Portal will connect you with Divine Order so that you can align with the Cosmic Plan and embrace your spiritual gifts to realize your True Self.

Portal 2 teachings include

* Session # 1: Honor your Ascension Path (53:48)
* Session # 2: Welcome Divine Order (52:14)
* Session # 3: Align with Divine Health (47:17)
* Session # 4: Claim your Abundance (56:51)
* Session # 5: Cultivate your Divine Union (48:03)
* Session # 6: Enjoy your Quantum Renovation (47:33)

* Divine Health Activation (MP3 audio)
* Divine Abundance Activation (MP3 audio)
* Ascended Master Mantras
* 21 Light Codes + Affirmations (+ PDF)
* Portal of Divine Order Affirmation (+ PDF)
* Divine
Prayer (+ PDF)  

* Access to our Private Forum

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Dare to find your true purpose!