Portal 3: Divine Liberation

Portal 3: Divine Liberation
”Embrace your Divinity and open
the Gate of Divine Providence”

Do you feel inspired to reveal your authentic origin, essence, purpose and destiny and to explore the blessings that are available in your liberation cycle?
We invite you to embrace your Prosperity Consciousness. Let go of unnecessary consumption habits and cultivate life force energy. Restore your Faith in Divine Love, Wisdom & Power: the transformative ”trinity” that will inspire you to realize what seems impossible and to fulfill your spiritual contract!

We will share quantum tools and practices that will facilitate your expansion in all areas of your life as you stay in alignment with the Divine Plan. Remember how to encode your energy field, neutralize internal-external interference, purify your lower bodies, open your heart, and surrender to your creative flow!

We will activate 33 Light Codes and 6 Divine Truths that will prepare you physically and energetically to claim your highest timeline reality and to align with the abundance and the creative potential of the Enlightened Age. Allow The Voice of Greatness to guide you as you Serve individual and collective evolution!

Portal 3 teachings include:

* Session # 1: Awaken your Master Codes
* Session # 2: Free your Spirit
* Session # 3: Explore Divine Service
* Session # 4: Choose Freedom
* Session # 5: Find Inner Peace
* Session # 6: Be open to receive All
* Session # 7: Invoke your 8 Mentors
* Session # 8: Co-create with the Elohim
* Session # 9: Activate The Crown of The Elohim
* Session # 10: Remember The Truth
* Session # 11: Awaken your Light Body
* Session # 12: Enter The Light Chamber

* Ascended Master Mantras
* Co-create with the Elementals (MP3 audio)
* 33 Light Codes + Affirmations (+ PDF)
* Portal of Divine Union Affirmation (+ PDF)
* Divine Health Prayer (+ PDF)
* 12 Steps of Divine Precipitation (+ PDF)
* 6 Divine Truths (+ PDF)
* Light Body Attunement
* Circle of Light – to invoke The Ascended Masters (+ PDF)
* Light Chamber – for healing and self-actualization (+ PDF)

* Access to our Private Forum so that you can interact with other participants and receive feedback from Gaitana & Yantal.

Start Date
: January 2023

Length: 3 months (12 sessions)

: Tuesday

: 4pm to 5pm (AST – Dominican Republic)

: Zoom (virtual platform)

Total Value: USD 999 (12 sessions)

Monthly Contribution: USD 333

Contribution - USD 333

Welcome to our Virtual Temple!

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