Portal 4: Divine Realization

Portal 4: Divine Realization

”Allow Divine Providence to bless
your individual-collective reality.”

Are you ready to clear your Ancestral Code (conditioning) and to reactivate your
Divine Matrix to realize yourSelf? Step out of the linear path of transformation and quantum jump onto your highest timeline reality! When you change your vibration, you can naturally shift your reality.

You are both capable of blocking and of unlocking your reality. As you raise your vibration you will be able to fulfill your soul’s mission without having to excessively interact with the physical plane of existence. Remember how to conduct Divine Light onto the material realm to consume fewer resources and to become a Master of Precipitation.

As you become limitless, you will love your reality because you will know that you are the Source of all your experiences, and you will not feel threatened or surprised by your challenges, opportunities, and soul lessons. You will perceive perfection because you will be conscious of your daily choices and of its consequences. You will reveal the cause of your effects!

Reset your consciousness to become a Divine Creator!

We will activate 12 Master Codes that will attune your consciousness to help you birth collective realities in alignment with the Divine Plan and to become the source of individual and collective Prosperity

Honor your Mission! If you feel called to committing to your infinite expansion and if you are ready to become an Aquarian Leader/Master, we welcome you to our weekly training sessions. It is easier to Leave your Legacy of Light when you join a community that is focused on creating a high-vibe container where everyone can reveal their ascended gifts and understand how to use them to support Human-Planetary evolution.

If we all take responsibility for the global shift in consciousness, Enlightenment will be imminent!

Portal 4 teachings include:

* Crystalline Spine Activations
* Divine Prosperity Activations + Mantras
* Primordial Awareness Activation

* 12 Master Codes – to give birth to collective realities (+ PDF)
* Portal to The Kingdom Affirmation (+ PDF)
* 8 Ascension Keys (+ PDF)
* Ascension Prayer (+ PDF)

* Access to a Private WhatsApp group so that you receive ongoing support.

Start Day
: to be arranged with Gaitana Yantal. 

Length: 6 months (24 sessions)

: to be arranged with Gaitana Yantal.

Time: to be arranged with Gaitana Yantal.

: Zoom (virtual platform).

Total Value: USD 2664 (24 sessions)

Monthly Contribution: USD 444

Contribution - USD 444

Welcome to our Virtual Temple,

Dominician Rep