2024 Soul Mentoring Requirements

Portal 4: Divine Realization

”Surrender to your Mission”


*Important Note: This training program prepares you to embrace your Higher Self Consciousness and become a Soul Mentor and to offer spiritual training -beyond individual and group sessions. As you complete this 6-month program and integrate these Divine Teachings, you will be ready to share these tools and practices with all willing souls to support our collective Mission.
Get ready to use our Light Technology, Enlightened Education, to guide everyOne in their journey of light, usher in the Seventh Golden Age and leave your Legacy of Light!

(UPON INVITATION by GaitanaYantal)
Minimum number of participants: 4

* It includes your free access to our Mastery Development weekly sessions
* It includes our eBook: Become a Divine Creator

Portal 4 Vision

If we all take responsibility for the global shift in consciousness, Enlightenment will be imminent!

During 6 months, we will share with you our unconditional support and the Technology that can help you reveal your unique soul blueprint and manifest your highest vision, in diving timing. This training program consists of 23 sessions + your ”Graduation” CeremonyYou are responsible for the time you need to integrate this state of consciousness and for complementing this training with private sessions and our Community events.

This is your Graduation Portal! You will not get an official certificate, but the acknowledgment and blessing of the Ascended Host as you complete our Portal Trainings, integrate the spirit of Portal 4, and step into Divine Service. We will celebrate your Virtual Graduation Ceremony (final session) when you are ready to embrace your Mission and express the virtue of surrendered sacrifice, i.e., your willingness to joyfully share these Teachings with all those who are ready to reconvert. This final session will be individual, as each participant is ready to become a reliable Divine Server and Creator, i.e. One that expresses unconditional love for their Life and Mission.

Ready to face the personal and planetary dweller on the threshold and to slay the dragon to liberate your Divine Self? Self-realization means that you are willing to acknowledge your Higher Self as your true identity and dissolve your egoic personality (the illusion). By the end of this cycle -as you embody the frequency of the 7 Rays and you are initiated in The Path of the Ruby Ray– you will receive your Seal of Love-Truth to celebrate your expansion and commitment to the Light!


Portal 4 Offering

Ready to reveal your soul blueprint, your unique pattern of creation, and let go of clichés, spiritual dogma, and ancestral ways of living? Ready to receive the Medicine of Love-Truth?

You will receive quantum tools to clear deep subconscious programming, surrender to emptiness, and cultivate enough energy to (eventually) cross the abyss that leads to God-Realization. When you completely let go of your ”clan energy”, you can step into sacred co-creation. You will naturally let go of limiting (individualistic) dynamics that create separation and surrender to the Cosmic Plan.

Reset your consciousness and awaken your spiritual gifts! You are both capable of blocking and of unlocking your reality. As you raise your vibration you will be able to align with your soul’s mission and make life-changing decisions without having to interact with the physical plane of existence. Remember how to conduct Divine Light onto the material realm to consume fewer resources and to become a Master of Love-Truth.

Find the Source of Life within!

As you become limitless, you will love your reality because you will know that you are the Source of all your experiences, and you will not feel threatened or surprised by your challenges, opportunities, and soul lessons. You will perceive perfection because you will be conscious of your daily choices and of its consequences. You will reveal the causes of your effects!

We will activate The 5 Secret Rays and the 12 Master Codes that will attune your consciousness to help you integrate your Higher Self and birth collective realities in alignment with the Divine Plan. Ready to become the source of individual and collective Prosperity? Get ready to mentor and serve with The Great White Brotherhood and The Collective of Ascended Masters to reveal your Earthly Mission!

We invite you to walk into The Temples of Prosperity to go through the Initiations in…

The Temple of Receptivity
The Temple of Multiplication
The Temple of Reconversion
The Temple of Joy
The Temple of Victory
The Temple of The Holy Spirit

If you feel called to committing to your infinite expansion and if you are ready to become an Energy Master, we welcome you to our weekly training sessions. It is easier to Leave your Legacy of Light when you join a community that is focused on creating a high-vibe container where everyone can reveal their inner gifts and understand how to use them to support Human-Planetary Enlightenment and Ascension.


Portal 4 teachings include:

* Free Access to our ”Mastery Development” space
* Our eBook ”Become a Divine Creator: Birth an Enlightened Civilization”

* 1 Ascension Prayer
* 1 Portal to The Kingdom Affirmation
* 1 Crystalline Spine Activation
* 5 Divine Prosperity Affirmations & Mantras
* 13 Ascension Keys
* 12 Master Codes – to give birth to collective realities
* Portal 11: The Gate of Unity (6 Master Codes)
* Portal 12: The Gate of Grace (6 Master Codes)
* Your Initiation on The Path of the Ruby Ray
* Your alignment with the 5 Dhyani Buddhas
* Your connection with The 5 Secret Rays and your Causal Body
* 1 Seal of Love-Truth
* 1 Divine Attunement: The Medicine of Love-Truth
* 23 live sessions with Gaitana Yantal
* 1 Virtual ”Graduation” Ceremony
* Access to our Private Forum

LIVE TRAINING (minimum number of participants: 4)
*2-hour sessions*

Start Date: July 20, 2024

End Date: December 21, 2024

Length: 6 months (23 sessions + 1 Virtual ”Graduation” Ceremony)

Day: Tuesdays

Time: 2 to 4 pm (DR – Dominican Republic)

Modality: Zoom (virtual platform)

Monthly Offering: USD 444

Total Value: USD 2664 (24 sessions)

Access now - USD 444 p/month


Are you being called to volunteer and, eventually, Serve as a Soul Mentor in our Community?

Read More


Get ready to become a Divine Creator!

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