Private Sessions


Private Session
-Surrender to the Divine Will-

Are you ready to embrace your purpose-passion and to explore new potentials that will take your life to the next level of spiritual realization?

Enjoy your private space of introspection to BE present, to discover who you are and to reveal your Divine Potential. If you want to connect with a field of Universal Love-Truth and to find accelerated resolution to your daily challenges, these sessions are for you!

A change in your vibration will immediately impact on your reality.

Discover practical Spiritual Technology that will catalyze your inner transformation. 

During these live attunements (1 hour) you will be able to access high-vibe frequencies to re-activate more of your Light Codes and to harmonize your physical-mental-emotional-spiritual body. They are a perfect space for you to co-create with your Higher Self.

Clarify your vision and have Faith in the power of Precipitation as you to embrace your true origin, your essence, your purpose, your destiny, and your mission and as you celebrate your Path to Greatness!

Before the session, you may take a few moments to answer these questions. They might help you clarify your intention and get ready for your energy activation!

What am I INSPIRED to create / explore?

What am I WILLING to clear / to let go of?

What am I WORTHY of awakening within to allow my intention to prosper?

Value of a 60’ private session
: USD 222.

Modality: Zoom (virtual platform).

: / +1 829 219 5724


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Infinite love and blessings,

Firma Gaitana YantaL

Dominician Rep