Ascension Mentorship: Manifest your Quantum Life!
”Be the Guru and accomplish your Mission”


*Important Note: Ascension Mentorship has been created to inspire Community Leaders/Masters and Divine Servers to connect everyOne with their God Presence.
This training program prepares you to become a Divine Creator and to accomplish your earthly mission. As you integrate these Teachings, you will be able to support a global cause and guide others as they return to the I AM!


*It includes
 an original music album to help you tune in to The 5 Temples of Prosperity and embody the Spirit of The Aquarian Age

There are many Mentors, but just
One Guru … the only One who can open the Gateway of Ascension!

Have you travelled a long way and still feel that you are longing to access the Divine Keys that can guide you back Home? Are you ready to realize Unity (universal harmony) and to merge all spiritual paths into One? Different languages/traditions are meant to help you remember your essence, not to create lack or separation. They represent different access points to facilitate your return to Source. You are all of them! Let’s dissolve all layers of separation by embracing the richness of creation and realizing that you carry all those Codes within. You deserve to embrace Universal Spirituality and open your heart to Love and Serve All willing souls!

Do you dare to be an original messenger? Do you desire to liberate your voice? We invite you to be creative and honor your wisdom/insights instead of recreating old patterns because you are afraid to challenge the ”orthodox way”. Extract your Sacred Medicine/Offering from the depths of your consciousness! You are here to create, not to imitate others or try to implement what works for them! You can only reveal your unique contribution when you are free to express what comes from your direct experience. As you identify what serves in each phase of evolution, you will be able to illuminate everyOne’s Path.

We invite you to walk into The Temples of Prosperity to activate your God Flame as you go through the Initiations in…

The Temple of Receptivity
The Temple of Multiplication
The Temple of Reconversion
The Temple of Joy
The Temple of Victory
The Temple of The Holy Spirit

Be the source of Collective Enlightenment and Ascension! Embody the highest levels of integrity as you raise your frequency and embrace the main facets of your Ascended Consciousness! The infinite power of the Universe is IN you! Are you ready to fully remember and integrate The Way of Love-Truth?

Be the Guru, the One who has the power (momentum) to liberate your soul family and community and catalyze a ”complete ancestral release”. Guru is a service role, not a personal achievement. ”A Guru, someone who has integrated their I AM Presence, is no different than other human beings. They are not special or better. The only ‘’difference’’ is that they have made the choice to awaken their divine potential and activate their divine genome. A Guru does not know more than others. They are aware of more because they have chosen to stay conscious and to remove enough veils. They have surrendered to their own crucifixion, transfiguration, resurrection, and ascension because they were ready to become immortalized. Isn’t that everyOne’s calling?” (eBook: Become a Divine Creator – Birth an Enlightened Civilization by Gaitana Yantal)

Stepping into a new role/frequency/state of consciousness requires clear guidance and support, so that you can find an anchor point as you navigate the process of (inner) re-organization that you are being asked to surrender to. You might find out that you are no longer seeking for ”content” or a ”protocol” to follow, but for the energetic principles (Keys) that can simplify/enrich your journey. You will also have the opportunity to reveal the collective that you are honored to serve and grow with!


Are you ready to precipitate everything through your I AM Presence?

Take refuge in your Guru, Enlightened Teachings and Ascension Community and uncover your deepest potential! Good intentions are not enough to fully transcend. You need to fulfill certain requirements, which include mastering the Law of Conservation of Energy, creating a forcefield of light, allowing for deep purification and silence to reveal your true essence, light body amplification, divine consecration, direct knowing, appreciating and returning the energy that you constantly receive from the Higher Realms, and devotional service: both accumulation and dedication of merit -the willingness to channel the energy that you have accumulated from your daily practice to promote the welfare of all sentient beings.

The 7th Golden Age encourages you to dissolve your defeat mindset (records of failure/frustration/disappointment) and activate your Victory Consciousness to be the source of individual and collective blessings! You are being called to become a Portal of Opportunities and share your evolutionary frequencies with all the souls that are willing to prosper and thrive. Dissolve your inner obscurations and awaken your Diamond Mind. The Buddha Consciousness will allow you to illuminate the blind spots that have been distorting your perception so that you can liberate yourself from the world of illusion and benefit all sentient beings.

Ready to enter the Realm of Cosmic Silence?

During these weekly sessions you will be able to resurrect your own Light Technology and re-define/upgrade your Service Offerings. You will also have the opportunity to fully reveal your Ascension Curriculum, remember your spiritual contract, and clarify your role within the Cosmic Plan! Ascension is the return to Love-Truth, which frees you from all conditioning and reconnects you with permanent joy and prosperity. As you liberate yourself, you will not depend on false structures or systems, but will live authentically … willingly surrendering to your own Divinity.

We invite you to re-awaken your Original Source Codes to fully integrate your Prosperity Consciousness and to restore Cosmic Harmony so that you stop experiencing dissonance (subtle forms of misalignment that create disappointment). You can externalize your soul blueprint (uncover your creative pattern) and find your perfect soul match! Your 7 Bodies will go through a detox process to make sure that you release all that is out of alignment and you only preserve what is pure. Fulfilling relationships and projects require soul compatibility!

Trust your Pioneering Spirit and allow it to create a New Life and Original Service, aligned with the frequencies of the Age of Aquarius! Let go of ancestral and spiritual dogma to explore new creative potentials. As you transcend your deepest fears and complete all restrictive contracts, you will be free to integrate all your soul aspects and fulfill your Divine Mission. Live a quantum existence and bring Heaven to Earth. Your experience (daily legacy) will inspire others to go on an inner journey to find their own Edenic / Ascended Reality.

Ready to become the source of Collective Enlightenment and Ascension?


Our Mentorship Teachings will inspire you to:

* Remember your Cosmic Identity
* Experience soul reunification & completion
* Integrate & share your Ascension Technology
* Connect with the eternal flow of Regenerative Light
* Embody your Divine Presence to precipitate Cosmic Light
* Awaken Ascended Master understanding and discernment
* Anchor your consciousness in the highest vibrational frequencies
* Enhance the qualities of surrendered sacrifice and selfless service
* Receive Direct Transmissions from the realm of the Ascended Masters
* Exercise Silence to replenish your aura and fulfill your own Divine Destiny
* Explore the benefits and responsibilities of promoting Spiritual Liberation and Divine Creation
* Free yourself from embodying restrictive archetypes and dare to externalize your unique soul blueprint
* Anticipate your soul lessons and use them to pass your daily initiations as you dissolve ancestral entanglements

GIFT: We have created an original music album to help you tune in to The 5 Temples of Prosperity and embody the Spirit of The Aquarian Age.


NOTE: We will initially offer these Ascension Mentorship sessions to 2 chelas and eventually co-create The Council of 12.

2-hour sessions, once a week + monthly (remote) Divine Attunements

Live Training
: to be arranged with Gaitana Yantal

Length: 24 sessions (6 months)

: In-Person or Online (Zoom)

Monthly Offering
: USD 555.5

Total Value
: USD 3333

USD 555.5 p/month


*2-hour sessions, once a week + monthly (remote) Divine Attunements

Live Training
: to be arranged with Gaitana Yantal

: 24 sessions (6 months)

Modality: In-Person or Online (Zoom)

Monthly Offering: USD 555.5

Total Value: USD 3333

USD 555.5 p/month


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Embrace your spiritual brilliance!