Sacred Temple of the Heart Practitioner (Level 2)

”If you love to Serve, you know who you are”

RECORDED PROGRAM (14 video sessions + quantum tools and energy activations + certificate of completion)

*Important Note: This training program prepares you to become a Life Mentor and to offer individual and/or group sessions. As you integrate these Teachings, you will be able to share these tools and practices to guide ”Sacred Temple of the Heart Journeys.”

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We invite you to go through Intermediate and Advanced Initiations to open all your receptive channels and enjoy the energy downloads that are constantly coming straight from Source. In this case, you will receive guidance from Master Saint Germain, Lady Portia, Isis, and Horus as you remember the Keys of Divine Alchemy that will catalyze your Liberation.

The 13 Sacred Temple of the Heart Light Attunements invite you to unlock the potential that resides within to find the inner keys to prosperity so that every aspect of creation is aligned with the Divine Plan.

The 3 Intermediate Chambers of the Heart will inspire you to develop compassion, inner support, and self-worth. They will help you awaken the virtues of Authenticity, Gratitude, and Trust.

The 3 Advanced Chambers of the Heart will prepare you to overcome subconscious fears, to trust Life, to awaken your Divine Oracle, to love your Unique Path, and to embrace your Sacred Destiny. They will activate the virtues of Presence, Wisdom, and Freedom.

Finally, you will be ready to access The Higher Chamber of the Heart, which will attune you to the frequency of Devotional Love to reconnect you with your Innocence, with Divine Grace and with Infinite Joy.

All the transmissions that you receive in the Chambers will prepare you to clear your lower bodies, to open your heart, and to get ready to awaken your Light Body. Also, you will be trained to purify your intentions so that you can precipitate the visions that are aligned with the Cosmic Plan. You will start receiving sacred teachings from Isis, Horus, Lady Portia, and Master Saint Germain to cultivate your Inner Light and to strengthen your physical-energy Temple.

As a Sacred Temple of the Heart Practitioner (Level 2) you will have the opportunity to amplify your heart frequencies and to cultivate more inner virtues to balance the Threefold Flame in your heart and have greater impact in your Love and Service.

Integrate the Divine Frequencies that will up-level your Life and Service: Authenticity, Gratitude, Trust, Presence, Wisdom, Freedom, and Devotional Love! Receive 7 Light Attunements to become a Magnetic Being so that everything that you are looking for comes to you, effortlessly. Welcome Divine Providence! As you further awaken your passion for enlightenment you will be able to reveal your destiny without fear. You will realize that you are your own Portal to Liberation!


Sacred Temple 2 Teachings include:

* Our Ebook: ‘’Sacred Temple of the Heart Light Attunements 2: Find everything within’’
* Certificate of Completion (you need to complete a brief written assignment)

* Activation: Find everything within (MP3 audio)
* Activation: Prepare yourself for soul completion (MP3 audio)

* Introductory Session: Find everything within (1:18:37)
* Opening Ceremony (1:29:24)
* Light Attunement # 7: The Chamber of Divine Authenticity (1:49:03)
* Light Attunement # 8: The Chamber of Divine Gratitude (1:56:38)
* Light Attunement # 9: The Chamber of Divine Trust (1:27:55)
* Light Attunement # 10: The Chamber of Divine Presence (1:31:16)
* Light Attunement # 11: The Chamber of Divine Wisdom (1:52:21)
* Light Attunement # 12: The Chamber of Divine Freedom (1:32:05)
* Light Attunement # 13: The Chamber of Devotional Love (2:14:35)
* Fulfill your Destiny (1:41:02)
* The Path of Leadership (1:43:12)
* The Path of Mastery (1:15:07)
* Closing Ceremony (1:20:24)
* Integration Session (1:07:27)

* Divine Union Alignment
* Threefold Flame Meditation
* 4 Ascended Master Mantras

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* Access to our Private Forum


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”Sacred Temple of the Heart Light Attunements 2: Find everything within”


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