8-day Immersion Trip – Spiritual Retreat in Samaná

8-day Immersion Trip

Discover the Power of Love-Truth



Are you willing to give yourself time to relax, redefine your priorities, and create an access point to The New Earth?

We invite you to open a collective Portal of Divine Health and a Portal of Divine Abundance to recreate yourself and be the source of collective prosperity! You deserve a few days of introspection to change your vibration and, therefore, the life experiences that you create / attract. Join our energetic trip – spiritual retreat – to experience a deep renovation and to experience genuine spiritual liberation.

We will share our latest Technology to help you ascend your body and consciousness! Body Reprogramming will give you access to advanced tools and practices so that you can connect with your soul frequency, remember how to be in complete alignment with Father-Mother God (I AM), and upgrade your Physical-Energy Temple as you awaken your Divine Blueprint! Get ready to free your KI (life force) and unlock your Divine Potential!

Reprogram (reconcile with) your 7 Bodies: your I AM Presence, your Causal Body, your Christ Self, your Etheric Body, Mental Body, Emotional Body, and Physical Body to create a strong foundation that allows for infinite expansion.


Remember how to live inspired, full of light!

As you awaken more inner Light Codes, the change in your vibration will immediately impact your reality! Join this re-evolutionary event and evolve your consciousness to quantum leap into a new timeline reality. We will share innovative practices so that you discover all that you are able to realize when you align with your divine purpose-mission.

This Immersion Trip will be an explosion of Light and of quantum possibilities that will expand your mind and open your heart as you further awaken your Divine Consciousness and celebrate the most abundant version of yourSelf!

We are holding this retreat in Las Terrenas, Samaná, Dominican Republic since this Land has called us to Serve the Light and to co-create Heaven on Earth. It is a ”new” energy vortex that is magnetizing all those who are ready to become their own Living Temple of Love-Truth! We are giving birth to a unified vortex that will help you balance your divine feminine and masculine principles so that you can activate your full potential and fulfill your spiritual contract with enthusiasm.

Ready to connect with your Creative Desires and raise your cellular vibration so that you can anchor pure frequencies and experience the power of the Divine Union within? We will offer you Soul Medicine and the opportunity to activate/integrate more of your Christ Light. You’ll be encouraged to clear your ancestral records, remember your purpose-mission, and simplify your existence!


We invite you to:

* Create your Day
* Find your own voice
Turn discipline into Grace
* Gather more Cosmic Light
* Upgrade your devotional practices 
* Activate new alchemical healing gifts
* Awaken your Ecstatic Consciousness
* Illuminate your 7 circles of consciousness
* Remember how to serve the Collective Soul
* Connect with your Life & Ascension (Soul) Mentor
* Use Silence as a gateway to Unity Consciousness
* Connect with higher layers of The Ascension Pyramid
Discover new facets of the Ascended Master Consciousness
* Activate The Ruby Ray Frequency to live & serve with integrity
* Clear ancestral fear to be in command of your life force energy
* Let go of unconscious attachments to uncover your Sacred Destiny
* Find more balance between time for Service, Contemplation, and Rest
* Experience an Ascension Ceremony overlighted by Serapis Bey and Saint Germain
* And much, much more!

Share your Retreat Vision


This intensive programme takes place at Sublime Samaná Hotel –

One day at Sublime Samaná Hotel includes:

Live Energy transmissions.
Time to integrate new Light Frequencies.
Spare time on the beach and in natural surroundings.
Energy activations and tune-ups that will help you embrace your authentic purpose-mission.
Highly-transformational guidance that you can apply to accelerate individual & collective evolution.
”Body Reprogramming” practices that will help you unlock your potential and increase your life force energy.


Next Event: November 2023

Start date: Saturday, November 4 (at 4 pm)
End date: Saturday, November 11 (at 11 am)
Duration: 8 days; 7 nights.

: Sublime Samaná Hotel, Dominican Republic.

(it does NOT include accommodation, meals or airfare)

Adults & teens (+13): USD 800


***IMPORTANT NOTICE! Make your hotel reservation and book your flight before signing up for this live event. GaitanaYantal are only responsible for delivering the Programmes and do not provide travel services. Residence at the Sublime Samaná Hotel is a mandatory requirement only for the duration of the programme. *** 

Recommended Shuttle: (from Santo Domingo Airport, ”Las Americas”, to Sublime Samaná Hotel)

Julián Suriel +1 (809) 357 1814


Welcome to ”Heaven on Earth”,


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