Shanti Attunement
”Manifest the best possible outcome”



PRIVATE SESSION / ATTUNEMENT (45′) – Complementary to all of our Leadership Training Courses

Follow The Way of the Heart!

Master El Morya, Lord Lanto, Paul The Venetian, and The Holy Family will inspire you to balance and activate the Threefold Flame in your heart to recover your soul power, love, and wisdom!

During your Shanti Attunement you will connect with deep love and compassion to create harmony in the present by reconciling with your past and future. As you awaken your Karuna Codes (divine compassion), you will clear inner imbalances and allow your Divine Union (the feminine and masculine principles that reside in you) to transmute ancestral and karmic limitations and imprints.

Let’s upgrade your 7 main chakras and bless your Path so that you can manifest the best possible outcome!


We can also explore any of the 7 pillars of ”The Way of the Heart” so that you can align with your Divine Purpose!












During this attunement you will receive:

* 1 Shanti Symbol

* 1 Mantra to upgrade and seal your 7 main chakras

* 7 Affirmations to clear your 7 main chakras and experience individual-ancestral healing


Modality: Zoom (virtual platform)


Receive a Shanti Attunement - USD 144


Welcome to Enlightened Education!



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