Shanti Attunement
”Manifest the best possible outcome”




During your Shanti Attunement you will connect with deep love and compassion to create harmony in the present by reconciling with your past and future. As you awaken your Karuna Codes (divine compassion), you will clear inner imbalances and allow your Divine Union (the feminine and masculine principles that reside in you) to transmute ancestral and karmic limitations and imprints.

Ready to let go of your defense mechanisms? Let’s bless your Path so that you can manifest the best possible outcome!


We invite you to free yourself from your Clan Energy (limiting vows that you may have with your blood family and ancestral lineage) and open your heart to your Universal Family. Be the source of collective liberation!

Also, receive a Blessing Activation in Light Language to open the gateway to Divine Creation. When you let go of fragmented mirrors that distort who you are and limit what you can realize, you can free yourself from the patterns of rejection, denial and indifference that sabotage your relationships and choose Real Love. You deserve to get involved with the right souls, in the right place, at the right time!


During this 30′ attunement you will receive:

* 1 Shanti Attunement 

* 1 Blessing Activation 

* 1 Shanti Symbol 

* 1 Mantra to clear your heart space and experience individual-ancestral healing

: Zoom (virtual platform)

Contact: / +1 829 219 5724

Receive a Shanti Attunement - USD 111

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