Solstice Retreat (July 2023)
-Unify with God-



5-hour transmission + 1 training video to ”Awaken your Inner Healer” and discover how to create your own session and share these teachings

We invite you to focus on your highest vision without wavering so that you can fulfill yourself, that is, precipitate your desired reality. Are you ready to
 master your lower bodies and make a quantum leap?

It is time to reign over your mental body! If you have 2 intentions, the mind will choose the one with the lower vibration because it requires less energy. This is the reason why you often materialize something that is not completely aligned with what you desire. There are limiting beliefs that disconnect you from your divine potential and that convince you to conform/compromise.

When your small self resists to unify with your Higher Self, you create inner separation and, therefore, two contradictory wills. It is beneficial to be able to identify them because when a dilemma arises, there is an opportunity to transcend your belief system and to choose Love-Truth.


During many incarnations (or parallel timelines) you may have chosen to be invisible (anonymous), to go unnoticed and to transmit energy in a stealthy manner. Concealment has served its purpose. However, at this time of global transformation we need to create Legions of Light to reverse planetary reality. We no longer have the luxury of making ourselves invisible because we are being called to step into our service roles, to take our place and to co-create a new paradigm. Let’s steward Human-Planetary consciousness towards its ascended destination!

In this Solstice Retreat, we activated The Seal of Elevation to make it easier for you to accept your divine configuration and to remember that, since you have been conceived in the image and likeness of God, you can enjoy the same virtues and rights as your Creator – here on Earth. This Initiation will help you transcend the Matrix of ”The Denier” to give birth to the Inner God/Goddess, who will activate your physical-energetic mastery to free you from the ‘poverty matrix’ that is limiting your human experience.


Also, we invite you to awaken your Light Body to accelerate the activation of your Ascension Technology. Ready to neutralize your ‘’victim body’’ and be free to transcend your seeming limitations? To activate the multidimensional potential of your physical-energy body, we cultivated 4 essential virtues: Purity, Vitality, Vigor and Flexibility.

Cultivate Purity

Inner purity has the power to open bridges of connection with Higher Consciousness. Master Hilarion will share a Mantra to help you disarm the mental structures that prevent you from connecting with your Inner Light. He will reconnect you with your Truth Codes. We will also share an Energy Activation to connect with the Elementals so that you experience an integral detox and strengthen your Pillar of Light (your energy column). Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether will create inner harmony and show you how to co-create with these expressions of Divinity.

Cultivate Vitality

The proper use of your vital energy is essential to replenish yourself and to optimize your internal and external resources. When you accept the Divine Will, you connect with the Flow of Providence, and you stop striving to fulfill your highest purpose. Green Tara will share her Mantra and encourage you to remove the obstacles created by your deepest fears, purify the vices of your mind, and turn them into virtuous actions. She will offer you the opportunity to give birth to 8 spiritual jewels and will reconnect you with Enlightened Action.

Cultivate Vigor

You need to strengthen your body and spirit so that the attacks of the ego do not weaken you. Vigor gives you determination, perseverance, and self-support.To have a robust consciousness, we will invoke Amoghasiddhi, the Buddha who will prepare you to set healthy boundaries, trust your spiritual authority, and pacify your fears. He will give you a Mantra to face any challenge, to remove all your obstacles, and to amplify your Inner Light. He will reconnect you with Fearlessness.

Cultivate Flexibility

Along with purity, vitality, and vigor, you require flexibility to realize your full potential. We will invoke The Medicine Buddha to accelerate the integration of your Enlightened Consciousness. He will offer you the spiritual advice that you need to hear to discover advanced forms of (self)healing. He will train you to update your multidimensional consciousness to be resourceful and to always recognize the most suitable form of soul medicine, for yourself and for others. He will reconnect you with Versatility.

You will receive

* The Seal of Elevation

* 4 Ascended Master Mantras

* 1 Master Key to acknowledge Divine Perfection

* Ascended Master Medicine

* 1 Training Video to ”Awaken your Inner Healer” and discover how to create your own session and share these teachings (36 minutes)

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These transmissions were based on the teachings that we have included in our Ebook: The Child, The Master and the Inner God: Portals to tune into Divine Health. (available in our website – click here)


Welcome to this liberating experience!